Insite Spring 2021 Issue: Operations Update

Group Purchasing Organizations

Savings in several categories of spend!  We currently have contracts with 15 suppliers.  From office supplies to rental cars to core HVAC equipment, over $30M of our spending is covered by these contracts.  Utilizing these contracts in January and February, we have seen an 11% savings!  Contact Melissa Daul at for more information on using these suppliers.

Subcontractor Qualifications

A strong Subcontractor Qualification Program has many benefits to SitelogIQ, including reducing risks.  By working with subcontractors to develop a relationship based on equal expectations, we can limit safety, quality, and non-compliance risks.  Further alignment on standards will also lead to increased quality and improved customer satisfaction.

In 2021, we want to target our existing supply base and new subcontractors with greater than $100k of existing or potential spend.  We are developing a list of current subcontractors to cover 80% of our subcontractor spend which we will reach out to and track the progress of completed qualifications against in an effort to complete the initial qualifications in 2021.