Insite – 2021 Spring Issue – IT Update

How to Identify a Scam Email

Last month, March is recognized as Security Awareness Month. We have been working on developing everyone’s “spidey sense,” which is your ability to spot danger. There are three tools hackers use to trick us into opening an attachment or clicking a link. They are:

  1. Creating a sense of urgency with language like “you must.”
  2. They make their emails look they are from legitimate emails when they are not.
  3. They trick you into clicking bad links.

In the email example below, there are two red flags highlighted. First, the sense of urgency; “You’re required.” Second, when you hover over the link with your mouse (don’t click) you can see a strange URL that takes you to a different place than you would expect. In other words, it’s not

If you are at all suspicious, err on the side of asking an expert. Better safe than sorry. Verify, verify, verify.