Insite – 2021 Spring Issue – Marketing Update

The Power of One – Social Media Account: Twitter & LinkedIn

In February, each of SIQ’s business units came together under one single account to simplify the latest for all company announcements and solutions across our organization. Each will share a platform on both Twitter and LinkedIn under the name handle @SitelogIQ. Give us a follow to stay in the know and, if you’re on Linkedin, don’t forget to update your current Company to SIQ! See the image below for reference.








Brading ID Guidelines

We’ve finalized Version 3 of our Branding ID Guidelines providing a more up-to-date insight on how we communicate our brand as a comprehensive facility support company. Reach out to Michelle Peryea or Stephanie Salinas for more information, if needed.

Superintendent’s Council & The A-Team

The Council was formed as a resource for subject matter expertise while developing materials targeted towards our K-12 audience. This group includes our current SIQ K-12 representatives throughout each business unit who have previous experience as Superintendent. This council has been crucial in shaping our K-12 funding message and will continue to be a valuable source of insight.

Our A-Team led by SitelogIQ Educational Strategist, Dr. Lee Pritzl, has been working closely with our sales teams to develop key relationship-building skills to apply our newly formed HOPE (Helping Others Pursue Education) Program with current plans to target our current customer base (protect the base) in all nine states and then expand as shown below in the slide image.

We have AMAZING potential to strengthen and grow our core K-12 base to help them overcome the issue of how to better spend their ESSER dollars (over $40 billion total in available ESSER funds to our base alone!) while building savings to put toward their general fund for long-term investments, further improve the equitable learning environment for increased student achievement. We’ve taken our BU leaders and sales teams through the HOPE Program launch with lunch and learns held on Thursday, 5/6. Following this with our targeted outreach campaign to be shared Friday, 5/14 with a total of three leading up to what will be our Webinar series led by our A-Team.

The A-Team includes former Superintendent and education speaker, Dr. Stephen Peters, Mary Ellen Elia of Tsamoutales Strategies, and former Superintendent Denise Pontrelli who have been diligently behind the scenes to support our team.

Dr. Stephen Peters, The Peters Group
Mary Ellen Elia, Tsamoutales Strategies







Denise Pontrelli, True North Consulting
Dr. Lee Pritzl, SitelogIQ