Municipal Utility Rate Optimization

Municipal Utility Rate Optimization

Energy efficiency in local government operations is a critical aspect of success. Often, thousands are spent on unnecessary electric utility charges due to electric meters not being on ideal rate tariffs.

To ensure you are not overspending on unnecessary utility costs, SitelogIQ will review your utility rates and ensure you are on the best rate tariff plan available.

Your financial security depends on the reliability and energy efficiency of your system. Working with SitelogIQ allows you to identify the best utility rates available for your facility. We first conduct a thorough assessment of your building(s) to guide you toward the best energy-saving practices. Based on our findings, we plan and implement measures to maximize the performance of your building while identifying funding streams to make our full-service solutions possible.

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Maximize Your Municipal Energy Efficiency

As a full-service provider of management, design, and strategic planning, we create comprehensive solutions for your biggest energy challenges. Allow us to help you improve your current rates and report accurate utility usage with the following initiatives:

  • Demand analysis: Your facility needs to be secure enough to withstand current and future demand. Our team identifies gaps in the system to help you invest in more reliable and resilient energy assets.
  • System optimization: An appropriately sized and managed system can deliver unmatched results. We can help you optimize your municipal energy efficiency through demand management, load shifting or shedding, and purposeful energy storage.

Create Sustainable Maintenance and Utility Plans

Many facilities are running on processes and equipment introduced years ago. With a customized plan for municipal utilities optimization, you can establish a sustainable operation. Our proven track record in the field allows us to identify current and future needs based on ever-changing demands. Experience the difference of an energy-efficient system that lasts for years to come. 

Once we’ve evaluated your existing setup, we can help you identify the appropriate next steps by providing the following:

  • Comprehensive planning: From wastewater to electric and natural gas, your utility operates on the success of your internal systems. Meet your current goals with a master plan from our rate optimization experts.
  • Condition assessments: Part of our initial assessment includes a forecast of future energy rates. Prepare for proper conditional maintenance with our cost-saving support.
  • Contract support: Utility Energy Service or Energy Savings Performance contractors may present new opportunities for your facility. We help you evaluate the ROI for each proposal.
  • Finance assistance: With proper monetary backing, more of these improvements are possible. Our financial team helps you secure funding for energy efficiency initiatives.

Municipality Utility Rate Planning

Preparedness is essential for ensuring your municipal building operates smoothly while providing a safe environment for occupants. Our municipality management solutions include:

  • Energy: An integral aspect of improving a municipal facility is establishing sustainability and on-site energy generation programs. Our team can also help your facility move forward with electrification mandates.
  • Indoor comfort: Enhancing elements such as air quality and lighting will make a significant contribution to the overall comfort levels of a building’s occupants. Facility managers can also improve aspects such as humidity and temperature.
  • Community service: Building managers can help manage water usage and promote conservation through an irrigation program. A facility manager can also help lower your building’s environmental impact by exploring transportation services options and ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Resiliency: Resiliency is vital to enhancing your building site’s reliability. We will evaluate systems such as ventilation, filtration, and indoor cleaning technology.
  • Cost savings: Realizing and implementing various cost savings is another key aspect of municipality management. A facility manager will reduce general fund expenses and utility costs while identifying available sources of program funding. 

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Rate Optimization

Support your internal operations with maximized energy efficiency that puts savings right back in your budget. With our expert supervisors to manage your upcoming project, you can feel confident in your improved system. Create a municipal utility optimization strategy alongside our team for results that will last. We hope to help your facility find the energy efficiency solutions it needs to grow. Our energy, facility, finance, and maintenance support programs offer comprehensive services for your long-term goals. Reach out to our team to learn more about securing a better rate for your municipal utility.

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