Metro Nashville Public Schools

Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) serves more than 86,000 students the city of Nashville and Davidson County in Tennessee. A staff of nearly 5,800 work in and maintain a large array of facilities, including 73 elementary schools, 33 middle schools, 25 high schools, 18 charter schools, 8 specialty schools, as well as a central office, print shop, transportation building, supply center, and professional development center. SitelogIQ has been working with MNPS for over five years on various energy efficiency measures, such as smart LED lighting and networked controls, to generate energy savings and maximize student and employee comfort and safety. Based on the success of those projects to produce energy savings of 40-60%, MNPS has engaged SitelogIQ’s EnergyIQ (EIQ) division to bring data-driven technology and energy management intelligence to their facilities. In April 2019, SitelogIQ began by assessing the district’s energy use and consumption behaviors, then identifying opportunities for energy reduction. Key energy conservation measures were compiled, analyzed for potential, and presented to the district and its stakeholders. MNPS has adopted an aggressive, energy-conscious mindset to produce the following program successes:

  • Between April and December 2019, energy use has been reduced by over 9.4 million kWh, yielding utility cost savings of $695,095
  • Since the program started in Nov 2019, SitelogIQ/EIQ has helped MNPS save over $10 Million in utility costs.
  • SIQ/EIQ is helping MNPS manage and reduce water consumption in an effort to further their environmental impact and further realize cost savings.
  • Several water-saving opportunities have also been completed, allowing MNPS to make additional efforts in conservation by saving 3,762,976 gallons of water and $68,230 dollars in only 2 months.

As MNPS’s partnership with SitelogIQ progresses, the following measures will be implemented:

  • Complete audits on all sites within the district and develop tailored energy conservation measures
  • Lead programming efforts to update building automation systems to increase efficiency
  • Develop online resources to further energy education outreach and inform the public of the program’s progress
  • Implement recommended energy efficiency measures to inspire an energy-conscious culture in the senior management and board, student leadership, and staff.

Casey Megow, MNPS Assistant Director of Facility Planning and Construction, has been pleased with the success of SitelogIQ’s program implementation. “SitelogIQ has been a true partner in creating our district’s energy conservation program,” she says. “They have been open and honest about our options in building our program. They have offered expert advice and guidance while leading our efforts to implement our program. Working with the SitelogIQ team has been a great experience, and we are looking forward to continuing to work together and realizing continued cost avoidance from our energy conservation program.”