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Master Plan Consulting & Engineering

Creation of a master facility study and optimization plan is essential in guiding the long-term strategic development and implementation of upgrading, enhancing and maintaining your facility. It is a dynamic, long-range planning document that provides a guide for your future growth and development.

Our facility planning and optimization process is grounded in a collaborative, best practices approach tailored specifically to the needs of your community – parents, staff, community members, site neighbors and political interest groups. Our process aims to create 21st Century environments while prioritizing maintainable spaces, sustainability, first-time and life-cycle costs.

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We help you build bridges between your physical buildings, social settings and the environments that surround you.

Our study and report is intended to stimulate conversations that lead to decision-making processes, not a document intended to make decisions for you. We hope that this is just the beginning of a collaborative and holistic process that will allow us to work together as a team to develop long-term design solutions that will serve to enhance your mission for many years to come.

Our design professionals are recognized leaders in the planning and design of facilities across all public sector markets and is comprised of partners and individuals that are passionate about working together to identify all project opportunities, and to develop thoughtful and comprehensive design solutions that will stand the test of time and will gracefully adapt to changes in your methodologies and vision.

Master Plans involve various components, including:

  • Preliminary study – facility, functional needs, spatial
  • Conceptual design & order of magnitude estimates
  • Identification of your priorities
  • Establish energy efficiency measures
  • Development of financial strategies
  • Risk mitigation
  • Develop a phasing plan & implementation schedule
  • Strategies for energy efficiency
  • Engagement the local community & your constituents & establish communication with them
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