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Renewable Energy Storage Solutions

One of the main reasons cited by businesses for not exploring the possibility of renewable power is the fear that outages and performance issues will leave them vulnerable. For a long time, it was true that solar had limited large-scale commercial viability. However, new technology is allowing organizations to switch to renewables — or offset their reliance on the grid — while ensuring adequate power is available whenever they need it.

SitelogIQ can help you with the development of a plan for on-site energy storage solutions for your property to help reduce demand, save money, and provide grid resiliency. Whether you have an existing solar setup, want to reduce your demand, or are looking for storage options to install alongside a PV array, we can help.

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How Does Large Scale Energy Storage Work?

Energy storage on a commercial scale requires a large battery system connected to your existing electrical infrastructure. This system can include other energy generation systems such as solar, wind, and cogeneration. When the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, or the electricity cost are lowest the battery stores the excess energy for later use. When generation drops below a given threshold — due either to excess demand or limited sun light or wind conditions —or the electricity costs are at their peak, the battery kicks in, providing the extra power you need to maintain adequate power for your building and lower your energy costs. This process keeps supply consistent, avoiding any sudden demand spikes that can drive up your overhead costs.

In addition to the battery itself, renewable energy storage systems have a sophisticated computer control that automates the process and provides ongoing monitoring and analytic modeling to help maintain peak efficiency at all times.

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What Are the Benefits of Power Storage Solutions?

Energy storage systems have many benefits. By making solar and wind more reliable and predictable, they can:

  • Increase the potential applications for solar and wind power, even to commercial facilities requiring “mission critical” power systems
  • Further reduce your dependence on the electrical power grid as well as associated costs
  • Improve predictability and make your operation more resilient
  • Reduce downtime and the loss of productivity that accompanies it
  • Save energy costs by using grid power during off-peak periods
  • Reduce Demand Charges from the utility

Of course, installing an energy storage system into a new solar or wind system, or retrofitting an existing one, does involve an initial expense. However, the long-term benefits and clear path to ROI make it a worthwhile investment for any commercial facility. Maybe instead…Although there are upfront costs with installing a solar energy battery into a new solar system or retrofitting an existing one, the long-term benefits make it a worthwhile investment for any commercial property and one that will yield strong ROI. In addition, we can provide low-cost financing or shared energy savings that require no out of pocket expenses.

Your Partner for Energy Storage Solutions

Green energy storage solutions are just one of the many energy conservation services we offer our clients. With an emphasis on serving the retail, commercial, industrialhealthcare, education, and government markets, we specialize in solving the energy availability problems faced by large, complex properties.

As with anything related to a building’s electrical infrastructure, choosing a battery storage system requires careful consideration of your power requirements and other technical circumstances. Failing to anticipate these details will lead to poor performance, efficiency problems, or other issues and our team of experts is here to ensure that adequate planning is done.

Working With SitelogIQ

SitelogIQ is one of the country’s most prominent facilities consulting, engineering, and construction firms. With an emphasis on energy efficiency, we’ve helped countless businesses create smarter, more environmentally friendly properties. We can provide one-off consulting or broader project management and design-build services.

We were founded in 2018 following the merger of seven prominent firms, giving us a nationwide reach and extensive base of expertise. Browse our website to learn more about who we are and how we can help you, or get in touch to request a consultation today.

renewable energy storage solutions
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