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Facility data and assessments can no longer live on a shelf if you want to have accurate and up-to-date knowledge of your building assets and be equipped to address short- and long-term needs. With mySiteIQ, our technology intelligence platform, you can easily manage all your facilities under one digital roof and have full facility visibility like you’ve never seen.


mySiteIQ Organize allows school districts, higher education institutions, healthcare facilities, and local/state government to capture all room and equipment asset details and conditions, add photos and videos to give context, creating an easy visual of each room and its functionality to help you plan more effectively. Institutionalize and easily share knowledge about your assets and facilities and have confidence in knowing that you have a single source of truth for accurate data to present improvement needs to your key stakeholders.

  • mySiteIQ Organize: Facility additions help to assess the ages of original building assets.

Within the tool, you can capture:


⦁ Floor Plans
⦁ Facility Assets
⦁ Asset Conditions
⦁ Field Measurements
⦁ Photos / Videos
⦁ Remaining Asset Life



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    We take complicated facility data and make it usable and actionable with the help of a comprehensive suite of software services.

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