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Manufacturers and distributors are facing many high priority obstacles in today’s market including, supply chain challenges, scarce labor resources, and mitigating volatile utility costs. Competition from global producers continues to increase, along with sustainability demands from your investors, customers and employees. 

One of the best ways to overcome several of these challenges is to drive carbon and cost reductions across the enterprise. The need for a well-executed sustainability program has never been more critical to the success of manufacturers and distributors. 

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Executing on your sustainability plans is the most challenging part

While many manufacturers and distributors develop sustainability initiatives, they often struggle to fulfill the next step — execution. A streamlined and accelerated approach to energy and carbon reduction initiatives is needed. Not only will this improve your financial and risk performance, but also enable you to share progress and gain favor with your stakeholders. 

Navigating through the implementation process across a large portfolio presents many logistical and financial roadblocks. Effectively managing a large scale ESG rollout requires: 

  1. The ability to manage many concurrent projects in different regions 
  2. Buy in from management and local decision makers 
  3. The sophistication to mitigate labor and supply chain challenges
  4. Access to robust data throughout the plan à implement à monitor lifecycle 

Be ready to showcase your sustainability progress and reduce operating costs 

By centralizing your approach to efficiency and sustainability, you can overcome the challenges that slow your progress and prevent your facilities from performing optimally. 

Your organization will experience the following benefits within six months: 

  • Improve working conditions to retain talented employees and attract new candidates
  • Meet the market’s demand for sustainable, cost-effective output
  • Reduce risk of disruptions and deferred maintenance and boost climate resilience
  • Satisfy investors by showcasing real-world sustainability progress 
  • Free up the time to focus efforts on important business initiatives while our experts navigate your ESG strategy

Why SitelogIQ?

SitelogIQ has a deep background of sustainability experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries. We partner with the most sophisticated manufacturers and distributers to help make significant sustainability progress across their facilities. We’ve executed over 1,900 energy efficiency projects for manufacturing and distribution clients that have led to over $3 million in annual energy savings since 2018.

Our turnkey solutions allow manufacturers and distributors to move from the planning phase to execution. With SitelogIQ, you will initiate concrete sustainability plans and collect the information you need to communicate results to investors, customers and workers. Our manufacturing clients experience benefits such as: 

  • Speed and scale to execute portfolio-wide initiatives across the United States due to our best practices, turnkey approach to avoid pitfalls from inexperience or overly simplistic methods.
  • Cost-effective rollouts due to cohesive project management, installation resources and consistent designs.
  • Expert in-house design services to provide optimal savings and efficiency.
  • Single end-to-end accountability, with warranty management to reduce time.
  • Access to direct manufacturer relationships and strong buying power.
  • On-demand visibility into projects and progress with our PortfolioIQ tool.

SitelogIQ is your trusted partner from start to finish, helping you with:

At SitelogIQ, we’ve helped manufacturers and distributors implement cost-effective ESG strategies with our end-to-end centrally managed programs that include solutions such as: 

“SitelogIQ had a great deal of experience…we were able to work around operations without any disruption.”

– Alan Powell, Terminal Services Manager, West Basin Container Terminal

“I hear only good things about how the projects managed and executed” 

– Fortune 50 Company

“Partnering with SitelogIQ has been an essential enabler for our continued efforts to create a best-in-class facilities infrastructure. SitelogIQ’s work across 40 million square feet of distribution centers drives continuous improvement in productivity and workplace safety, all without increasing energy consumption. Form multi-year capital planning to trouble-free project implementation and detailed tracking, SitelogIQ makes it easy to accelerate facility improvement initiatives nationwide.”

– Fortune 50 Company

“We had a very good response from our operations people. The members on the floor really appreciated the improved light.”

– Kobus Du Plesis, Sr.Engineering Manager, EFCO

“Employees are more satisfied with their work space, we have optimized resources by eliminating lighting maintenance from building maintenance staff.”

– Energy Manager, Large Industrial Distributor

“SitelogIQ has the flexibility in executing the project to minimize production shutdown.” 

– Engineering Manager, Fortune 500 Food and Beverage Company

Get Started With SitelogIQ

A well-crafted and meticulously executed sustainability strategy will empower your manufacturing or distribution company to reach new productivity heights while ensuring investor satisfaction. SitelogIQ has more than a decade of experience bringing manufacturing and distribution companies into the future with modern ESG initiatives. We encourage you to get in touch to begin developing, enacting, and reporting a successful sustainability plan.

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