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Mechanical, Electrical,
and Plumbing (MEP) Design

Our multi-disciplined engineering experts partner with customers in the education, government, and healthcare markets to design plans for new construction, additions, and renovations, and system replacement projects. Our design engineering, systems evaluation, and troubleshooting solutions are applied to the following new or aging systems:

  • Mechanical: Mechanical design engineering involves the development and testing of high-efficiency heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and related systems. Other building components, such as escalators and elevators, may fall into this category, too. SitelogIQ can help you set performance benchmarks and develop complex, integrated systems that meet your operational requirements.
  • Electrical: We provide electrical design engineering and building commissioning for facilities of any size. Complex electrical systems must be thoroughly engineered and tested to ensure they meet performance and safety requirements. We offer full-service support to help you develop effective, efficient systems for your new or existing building.
  • Plumbing: Our team includes experienced technicians for the design and commissioning of plumbing systems for all commercial facilities. Whether you are installing a plumbing system in a new property or upgrading your existing infrastructure to incorporate more efficient fixtures and appliances, we offer the support you can trust from beginning to end.
  • Fire protection: Properly designed and commissioned fire protection systems are critical in commercial properties. Ensuring the success of a project requires the engagement of a fire protection design engineering expert early in the process to determine accurate requirements and regulations and develop an appropriate testing routine.
  • Fire alarm systems: Fire alarm systems are typically engineered and tested separately from fire protection components, though both must work together to keep your facility’s occupants safe. The SitelogIQ team can provide testing and engineering for all safety systems, ensuring you meet building code and other regulatory requirements in your area.
  • Telecommunications: As facilities become more connected, telecommunications are emerging as an important component of MEP design. We offer system engineering for new commercial properties in addition to retrofit assistance on older buildings. We can do a thorough investigation to determine what your building’s telecom needs are and create a plan with the most cost-effective, efficient systems to integrate seamlessly with your other MEP design components.

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