K-12 Solar Energy Generation

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K-12 Solar Energy Generation with SitelogIQ

For most school districts, energy costs are one of the highest budget expenditures. Often, school leadership is unaware that solar power can allow them to make a significant reduction in their energy consumption. With solar panel installation, schools can meet the growing need for a sustainability program and save money that can be shifted for other district needs.

As a full-service energy solutions provider, SitelogIQ provides school districts with the tools to enhance and improve their facility infrastructure. Our services supporting K-12 solar energy generation allow you to take advantage of the low cost of solar panels and pursue a greener energy source. With less budget spent upfront, you can stretch your funds, experience lower operational costs, and benefit from using sustainable energy for your school district.

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Benefits of Solar Energy in Schools

Solar energy is becoming more abundant. This sustainable power source has proved to be practical in many areas across the country. Our energy experts can help your district explore a renewable energy system. Discover the advantages of solar energy generation in your buildings, including:

  • Low cost: The cost of solar panels has dropped significantly over the last few years. Once installed, these energy sources can save you thousands in utility bills.
  • Learning opportunities: With on-site solar panels, you can teach your students about renewable energy and how to practice energy efficient habits with real examples and hands-on workshops. Inspire students and other schools to learn more about these opportunities.
  • Future-proof solution: If a school building is in need of taking a regenerative approach for energy sources, solar panels are a great way to upgrade it. Using solar energy in schools provides a long-term solution for reliable energy sources.
  • Environmental sustainability: Schools work to educate future generations about ways they can protect the world. Lead by example with an emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives. 

Our Process for Solar Panels in Schools

At SitelogIQ, we custom our solutions to fit your long-term facility needs. If you want to reduce your energy consumption and see significant operational savings from renewable resources — which can fund critical infrastructure upgrades — choose our team of facility experts to guide you. Our contractors, energy engineers, project managers, and architects can help you create lasting improvements to your infrastructure. Here’s how we get it done:

  • Generation assessment: We visit your district and take the time to evaluate the building’s capabilities for solar energy.
  • Design: If we think you’re a good fit for solar energy, we design a practical system for better savings in the long run.

Financial planning: We know school districts often have limited budgets, so we help you identify funding streams for your sustainability efforts.

Alternate Energy Solutions

Every school has different goals and needs. Some buildings are better equipped to transition to a solar energy system than others. Based on our evaluation of an existing building and infrastructure, we can help you determine which of the following solutions may work for you:

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