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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

When we asked customers, “How likely is it that you would recommend SitelogIQ to a friend or colleague?” they rated us and produced a combined NPS of 93.

According to Qualtrics, an NPS score is measured with a single-question survey and reported with a number ranging from -100 to +100, with a higher score as the most desirable.

Our entire District at Mahtomedi Schools was very impressed and happy with the SitelogIQ’s work all around. Their professionalism and work is top notch. They did an entire assessment of our district facilities and managed a huge mechanical renovation at one of our buildings. Any issues we had they resolved in a timely manner. They made sure our project was finished in time for school to start in September. A project that some considered not possible to be done in the time frame given during the summer. 

Adam Gemuenden, Superintendent, Mahtomedi Public School ISD #832, Mahtomedi, MN