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Buildings are complicated. Systems age. Regulations change. Occupant needs constantly evolve. Do you have a plan to keep pace and deploy limited resources to highest priorities in the short- and long-term and successfully communicate your vision?

Our mySiteIQ facility intelligence platform can help. With mySiteIQ Prioritize, you gain visibility into your facilities to help you plan effectively and maximize return on capital investments. Your team will be able to readily construct and compare different project scenarios for long-range capital planning and advanced prioritization of your facility improvements.

  • mySiteIQ Prioritize: Assess Data Collected via iPad

By organizing your facility needs, evaluating potential investments, and defining a clear long-term capital plan, you’ll have the tools necessary to make data-driven decisions. With mySiteIQ, you can gain consensus, build trust with key stakeholders, and secure necessary funding, all while delivering ultimate efficiency into your capital planning process. 

We help you put complicated facility data to work and provide single-source accountability for you and your team.


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    We take complicated facility data and make it usable and actionable with the help of a comprehensive suite of software services.

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