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Are you ready to respond
to sustainability demands? 

Every industry is facing the need to implement more sustainable energy practices, including the multifamily housing market. Is your firm prepared to meet new environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria? These days, investors need more than a plan. You need certainty that you can efficiently execute a multifamily housing ESG strategy. SitelogIQ offers solutions that help owners plan, implement, track and analyze ESG strategies for multifamily housing units.

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Executing on your ESG plans is the most challenging part 

The need for multifamily housing owners and operators to demonstrate their ESG commitment grows with each year. Everyone from building residents to investors recognize the importance of clean, sustainable energy practices. Enacting a transition will be essential to keeping apartments full and retaining investor contributions. That means your organization will need to find ways to implement a strategy and also show the effect it is having.

Enacting ESG strategies and demonstrating their efficacy can be challenging, especially when carrying out the plan across numerous buildings and properties. Assistance from an experienced energy efficiency and property improvement company can streamline the implementation process for the best results while also giving you the tools to communicate your initiative’s impact.

SitelogIQ is here to assist your business with the most difficult part of ESG planning — execution. We’ll help you carry out your plans and communicate results to secure reliable residents and investors.

“SitelogIQ is an excellent partner in business. A pleasure to work with, quick moving, and makes the whole process easy and immediately implementable”

– Michael Ferguson, Vice President of Engineering, Windsor / GID

“SitelogIQ took the initiative to create a budget for all properties in our portfolio, directly correspond with our property teams, and produce fast audits. Their willingness to go above and beyond for our partnership and business relationship is irreplaceable.”

– Sustainability Project Manager, LivCor.

“SitelogIQ strengthens our energy efficiency strategy by helping us identify all available energy efficiency opportunities within our portfolio, so we’re never leading money on the table”

– John Forde, Resource Manager, Essex Property Trust

Be ready to showcase meaningful ESG progress

Your organization can see substantial benefits from enacting a streamlined, shareable ESG plan — and the sooner, the better. Accelerated ESG programs work fast while driving consistent results across your entire portfolio. Within six months of enacting the strategy, you’ll be able to tell investors an impressive story about your ESG progress. 

With an accelerated ESG program, you’ll have plenty of progress to showcase in a short time frame, allowing you to impress current and prospective residents and investors. As a result, your organization will:

  • Improve investor confidence, garner their trust and secure future investments
  • Exceed residents’ expectations and fill more units.
  • Boost its net operating income (NOI) while increasing each property’s value
  • Unlock more time and capital to allocate to other portfolio initiatives

Why SitelogIQ? 

SitelogIQ is uniquely positioned to help you enact an ESG strategy for your multifamily residential properties. We have a solid foundation of ESG experience combined with an understanding of your industry’s nuances. Our team members have had success helping the owners of multifamily communities nationwide implement ESG plans and tailor progress communication to residents and investors.

At SitelogIQ, we take a centralized approach to energy efficiency that enables us to act on what’s most important to your business, residents and investors. We’ve helped multifamily property owners implement cost-effective strategies for LED lighting, efficient water fixtures, smart irrigation and more. Our experts assist in every step of the process, including planning, budgeting, design, procurement, project management, turnkey project execution, tracking and reporting.

We’ve helped Multifamily owners and operators implement cost-effective ESG strategies with our end-to-end centrally managed programs that include sustainability solutions such as:

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With 1,447 multifamily property projects completed for over $12 million in utility bill savings and more than $230 million in property value enhancements on our record, SitelogIQ is the partner you can trust for ESG solutions. We encourage you to view customer success stories to hear how we’ve helped businesses in numerous industries or contact us online to discuss your project.

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