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With a national reach and a network of experts across the country, SitelogIQ is a leading provider of design-build services for education, government, and commercial clients (this is only a portion of our market). Leveraging the expertise of our team of engineers, architects, contractors, and project management specialists, we can take on design-build projects of any scope.

With a focus on energy-efficient solutions, our design-build services incorporate advanced technology to create more functional spaces. Count on our team for transparent communication and creative solutions — every step of the way.

What Is Design-Build?

Design-build is a project delivery model used in construction in which a single organization is contracted for both the design and build phases. As opposed to a traditional construction project, where the project owner works with different firms — and their associated subcontractors — for each phase, in a design-build project, the owner has a single point-of-contact throughout.

SitelogIQ’s design-build services encompass pre-construction assessments, architectural design, construction, and post-construction services. By keeping many of these processes in-house — and outsourcing to reputable partners when necessary — we can realize your vision in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner.

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Benefits of Design-Build Services

Design-build has several advantages.

For owners, having a single point-of-contact makes communication easier and reduces the amount of paperwork involved in bidding, invoicing and other administrative tasks. For both parties, design-build encourages greater accountability over costs, scheduling and end results.

Typically, design-build projects are completed faster, and for less money, than traditional projects — in part, because the delivery model empowers the contractor to make decisions while reducing the risk of last-minute technical complications. Perhaps most importantly, design-build is often seen as more conducive to innovation, as it enables internal teams to collaborate and share resources freely.

This project delivery method is gaining popularity for good reasons, but it isn’t the right choice for every project. SitelogIQ can advise you on whether design build construction services are the best option for your build.

About SitelogIQ

SitelogIQ was founded following the merger of seven leading engineering and construction firms. Together, our team comprises more than 400+ employees spread across 23 locations. We’ve overseen construction projects totaling more than $5 billion on 11,000 customer sites — and saved our clients an estimated $1 billion in the process. We can provide mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system engineering, building automation, lighting and more.

Design-build requires considerable resources and wide-ranging expertise. The training and experience of our team is a large part of what makes SitelogIQ an ideal partner for any project. Our staff work in a truly collaborative environment, which helps us drive innovation and, ultimately, design smarter and more functional buildings.

At SitelogIQ, we handle energy-efficiency projects at every stage, presenting turnkey solutions that cover every step of the process. We provide energy assessments, financing choices that are business-friendly, superior materials for installation, leading-edge installation, warranties, rebates and more. Everything you expect, we deliver, managing every detail along the way as a demonstration of how much we value your time and success.

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The first step in any design-build project is an initial consultation with our team. We’ll go over your requirements in detail, taking into account your budget, timeline and other priorities. Then, we’ll put together a detailed proposal that explains how we will proceed. Get started by using the form on this page to contact us directly. We’d be happy to connect you with an office in your area and schedule an in-person or virtual meetup.

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