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State and local governments are faced with many challenges — aging facilities, deferred maintenance, increasing energy costs, and capital generation, just to name a few. We know how overwhelming it can be to juggle it all and find solutions that meet your community’s specific needs, all while remaining fiscally responsible.

As an energy efficiency and facility solutions provider, SitelogIQ is dedicated to making buildings better by implementing measures that improve the health and safety of occupants, benefit our planet, and maximize facility performance — and identify funding to make it possible.

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Municipal Facility Management

SitelogIQ delivers comprehensive facility solutions that support the resiliency, future-proofing, energy saving, operating efficiency, and sustainability goals of our clients.

Our approach to any project focuses on delivering energy infrastructure upgrades to support infrastructure resiliency and create real bottom-line cost savings on energy, maintenance, and future capital improvement expenditures.

We design, plan, and implement customized facility solutions that address energy use, sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions reduction, resiliency, and cost savings. After evaluating your energy consumption and related operating costs, we provide you with our recommendations and include the latest technology and methodologies to best meet your operational goals and objectives. We also offer funding solutions and have experts who can guide you through the process.

From comprehensive lighting programs, HVAC retrofits, trash management systems, and temperature control system updates to co-generation plants and renewable energy systems, among others, we can help you make facility upgrades that ensure energy and operational savings, which you can then use to pay for your capital improvement projects.

SitelogIQ is an energy services company, accredited at the highest level, by the National Association of Energy Service Companies. We continue to be recognized for achieving and maintaining the highest standards of excellence in the industry. Additionally, we are members of the Design Lighting Consortium (DLC), the California League of Cities, Local Government Commission and the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. We are also a qualified Department of Energy ESCO.

Local Government Facility Solutions

Financial Solutions

  • Public-Private Partnerships (P3)
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs (PACE)
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • CEC ECAA Loan Program
  • Tax-Exempt Municipal Lease (TEML)
  • Grants, Rebates, and Incentives (Free $$)
  • Lease-Lease-Back
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Financing Assistance

Creating Sustainable Environments

Extreme weather patterns, wildfires, rolling blackouts, and an ongoing pandemic have cities feeling more vulnerable and less prepared. Local government facility managers can support municipal leaders and help local government facilities navigate difficult and uncertain times by creating more efficient and sustainable environments.

Creating Sustainable Environments

It is important to note the unique challenges local government facilities and public sector buildings face to better understand the various areas of improvement. For example, during peak operating hours, local and state government facilities are often more crowded than traditional buildings, with a high density of people in areas such as courtrooms, libraries, community buildings, and other public services areas. With higher volumes of people present, systems are often taxed. Conversely, when these same public service areas are empty, having the tools to monitor systems that optimize the building’s needs based on demand use will better serve the facility long-term.

Local Government Facility Planning

Many facility owners and managers share the challenge of maintaining assets that have a finite useful life span. Too often, the focus remains on the short-term needs of buildings and occupants, so when expensive replacements such as roofs, boilers, and ventilation systems among others become a necessity, the funds aren’t always readily available to pay for them. At SitelogIQ, we offer a proprietary tool, called mySiteIQ, to help prepare our customers for these subsequent deferred maintenance expenses. We work with building owners to develop two program plans – a comprehensive Master Facility Plan (MFP) and a Long Term Facility Maintenance (LTFM) Plan to allow proper planning and limit risk.

A comprehensive MFP includes all facility needs, including technology, space use, and programming demands. An effective MFP can identify funding options and the highest priority projects while managing multiple projects with various funding sources.

Government buildings are essential structures with complex systems requiring careful monitoring and maintenance to function properly. Municipal preparedness is key to keeping these buildings and internal workings operating smoothly, efficiently and providing a healthy and safe environment for those who occupy the spaces. Some of the most important local government facility management solutions include:

  • Energy: One of the most important improvement aspects is establishing a sustainability program for local government facilities. Government facility managers may also help develop on-site energy generation programs.
  • Indoor comfort: Indoor comfort, lighting enhancements, and ergonomics are other main areas of improvement for governmental buildings. Facility managers can improve overall air quality, temperature control, and humidity regulation.
  • Community service: Local government building managers can help develop irrigation and water management and savings programs. Additionally, facility managers can focus on enhancing the efficiency of transportation services and strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of pollution.
  • Resiliency: Resiliency is crucial for municipal facility managers striving to enhance building site reliability. An essential element of this is evaluating the building’s existing systems, including filtration, ventilation, and indoor air cleaning technologies.
  • Cost savings: Municipal facilities management also involves realizing various cost savings, including reducing general fund expenses, identifying available funding programs, and reducing utility costs and usage.

Unifying Systems to Increase Efficiency and Safety

One of the most effective ways to improve facility management in municipal buildings is to help unify systems and implement smart devices to optimize efficiency, insight, and performance. While individual strategies will vary depending on the municipal building, an effective plan may include:

  • Systems integrator: Unifying existing and new building systems can be difficult, especially if a municipal campus has multiple buildings and includes legacy systems. A master system integrator can help assess your unique needs, create design solutions that cater to your requirements, and ensure you realize the highest level of connectivity and capabilities.
  • EnergyIQ: SitelogIQ’s EnergyIQ (EIQ) provides data-driven energy optimization for consumers. EIQ has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding sustainability targets and leveraging existing data. EIQ combines engineering expertise and data science tools, reducing operational expenses and increasing support personnel productivity.
  • mySiteIQ: mySiteIQ is an innovative dashboard that helps customers assess their buildings and assets, prioritize investments, and build consensus with key stakeholders.
  • Intelligent analytics platform: The sensors, equipment, and various devices within a municipal building create large amounts of data. Fortunately, an intelligent analytics platform can collect this data and create actionable insights. Implementing the right platform can provide you with mobile-first control of various building systems, recommend solutions, identify inefficiencies, and streamline maintenance. An intelligent analytics platform offers several opportunities for advanced automation.
  • Machine learning: An analytics platform with machine learning capabilities can understand how a building operates and continue building on this information each day to achieve more accurate predictions, improve automation, and detect inefficiencies or inaccuracies sooner. Machine learning can account for variables like peak hours, occupancy, anticipated weather events, air quality, outside temperature, waste reduction, and preservation of comfort and safety.

Effective Government Facilities Management With SitelogIQ

SitelogIQ is dedicated to providing comprehensive facility solutions to enhance and support operating efficiency, resiliency, sustainability, energy-saving, and future-proofing of our clients’ operations. We also strive to create and maintain comfortable, safe, and healthy indoor environments for all building occupants.

Effective Government Facilities Management With SitelogIQ

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