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Making your building more energy efficient is a smart way to decrease your operational costs and further your sustainability initiatives. But many companies lack the initial capital to get their plans off the ground.

Instead of paying up front for your energy-efficient design, SitelogIQ offers a turn-key performance contracting service. Let us help you enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient technology by using the money you’ll save with these performance-enhancing measures to pay for the improvements.

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What Is an Energy Performance Contract?

Energy performance contracting is an inventive approach to project financing. Your business can use this turn-key solution to upgrade to energy-efficient technologies without taking a big bite out of your current budget, all while experiencing a guaranteed level of energy savings will be achieved. An energy performance contracting company — like SitelogIQ — will design and implement a renewable energy or energy-savings project and use the money you save on energy to repay the project’s costs.

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How SitelogIQ Approaches Your Energy Savings Performance Contracting

SitelogIQ has a team of more than 400+ project managers, professional engineers, and certified energy professionals. Using this extensive pool of knowledge and resources, we can help you determine the most energy-efficient design for improvements to your business. We’ll then implement this design with a customized approach, which starts with getting to know your business, its unique needs and values, and your budget.

We’ll consider several factors when creating your energy-efficient design, including your lighting, HVAC system, building layout, and onsite power generation. We use proven financial analysis techniques during each phase that assures exceptional results.

The performance contracting process involves flexible financing options that lower your risk and maximize your ROI. We work with you to find the best financing approach for your business and secure any initial funds your team might need.

Benefits of Energy Performance Contracting for Your Business

After choosing SitelogIQ as your energy performance contracting company, you can expect your energy-using infrastructure to function better, save money, and have a more positive impact on the environment. Some of the many benefits of smart energy contracting include:

  • Energy-Efficient Systems: We’ll use the results of our consultation and analyses to provide increased energy efficiency for your building.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Energy efficiency translates to operational savings. You’ll reduce your energy consumption, thus also lowering your future energy bills.
  • Improved Comfort: Your new systems will enhance your building’s indoor environmental quality and help you maintain more comfortable temperatures year-round.
  • Increased Building Value: Many companies seek out an energy-efficient design when determining the best location for business. You can expect significantly increased resale value and profits if you ever decide to sell your building.

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As a leading energy performance contracting company, SitelogIQ understands that no approach is one-size-fits-all. That’s why we take the time to perform an in-depth consultation with your team. We’ll then work with you to find and secure the best long-lasting energy solutions for your needs.

Our team has served at more than 11,000 jobsites across the country and completed more than $5 billion in energy improvements. To date, we’ve helped these clients save more than $1 billion on energy costs with some of today’s most innovative green technologies.

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