K-12 Schools

K-12 Schools

At SitelogIQ, we partner with our clients in K-12 public and private schools to enhance the learning environment. We have spent several decades partnering with school districts throughout the U.S. to bring comfort, functionality, and efficiency to the classroom through our K-12 school construction and related solutions.

We believe that every district is unique. That’s why we will take the time to perform a comprehensive assessment of your facilities and thoroughly understand your district and community needs to best develop a project plan that fits your educational goals, both now and well into the future.

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Our comprehensive facility assessment includes:

  • Building Systems Assessment
  • Education Adequacy Assessment
  • Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Enrollment Projects
  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • Financial Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Operational Cost Analysis
  • Room Use Analysis
  • Community Engagement

Creating learning environments that are efficient and sustainable, accessible and functional, and safe is what we do. We believe that this is critical to help you reach your long-term educational and operational goals.

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