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Are sustainability initiatives helping meet
financial and community goals? 

Providing stellar patient care and a comfortable treatment experience requires a significant amount of energy, putting operational goals at odds with healthcare practices. Any hospital needs an effective optimized solution, but numerous hurdles block the way. Rolling out a sufficient energy efficiency initiative requires a significant amount of resources for every process, from financing, design, and construction to operations management.

Regardless of the healthcare system, your patients count on you to provide the highest quality of care, and stakeholders have high efficiency expectations. Streamlining the process of bringing your program to life is critical.

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“SitelogIQ offers quality service and flexible scheduling at a good value. Our employees are more satisfied with their workspaces and we have optimized resources by eliminating lighting maintenance from building maintenance staff.”

– Energy Manager, Large Industrial Distributor

Be ready to make effective improvements to your healthcare environments

Enhance your healthcare environments with our streamlined approach to green energy projects through several of our solutions. Our centralized mySiteIQ platform accelerates the outcome of optimized operations and supports energy-efficient solutions such as LED lighting systems, heating and cooling systems, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and solar photovoltaics (PV) systems. It also gives bird’s-eye visibility into energy consumption across your healthcare buildings and allows you to share progress with various stakeholders, such as patients, employees, board members and the community. 

With a focus on sustainability, your healthcare system will:

  • Generate long-term energy savings with decreased operational costs
  • Create a bright, clean, modern, comfortable, and safe environment of care (EOC)
  • Have more time to focus on other important caregiving initiatives
  • Increase its sustainable footprint
  • Reduce risk of unscheduled failure/downtime and equipment systems beyond useful life

Why SitelogIQ?

SitelogIQ’s team members have over a decade of experience with healthcare solutions and multiple examples of portfolio-wide programs. We partner with hospitals of all sizes anywhere in the United States. Our turnkey energy efficiency services help us provide cost-effective capabilities that produce tremendous results. Healthcare system managers choose SitelogIQ because of our:

  • Speed and scale: Our superior healthcare expertise and national rollout capabilities help us develop practical approaches that boost efficiency, decrease operational costs, and secure revenue. 
  • Comprehensive services: We’re there from start to finish with our portfolio-wide approach that enables maximum financial and operational benefits without draining precious staff resources. 
  • Project efficiency: Our in-house capabilities and end-to-end accountability enable us to complete projects efficiently. 
  • Financing options: PACE Financing is one option that solves the upfront cost barrier by providing 100% financing for your healthcare sustainability initiative. Everything you need to know about financing your next energy project, our team works with you every step of the way. 
  • Sensible insight: We’re vendor agnostic, meaning we’ll apply bias-free analysis to find the most cost-effective solutions for your facility and provide data-based recommendations.


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Our team develops and executes healthcare sustainability programs for portfolios of all sizes. We’re experts in energy conservation, and healthcare facility owners depend on us for financial savings and quality-of-care improvements. Partner with us to enact a sustainability strategy and communicate its impact to vital stakeholders.

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