Keeping up with the Era of Smart Buildings

According to a study published by Juniper research, the amount of buildings deploying smart technologies is expected to triple by 2026, from 45 million to 115 million.

Consumers today expect smart devices in homes, offices, hotels and more. In fact, according to 82% of renters want at least 1 smart device in their home. Buildings without the technology can increasingly be seen as outdated and inefficient. According to an Ecobee study, smart thermostat users saved up to 23% on their heating and cooling costs.

Smart thermostats are one of the most effective technologies used for delivering the smart experience consumers expect, reducing energy waste, and creating more comfortable environments.

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Implement your large-scale smart thermoset rollout

Implementing a widespread smart thermostat rollout can be challenging. With an overwhelming amount of information and processes needed to ensure success, the following are areas of expertise needed for a successful widespread smart thermostat deployment: 

  1. Navigating through a series of vendors and smart thermostat options to meet your needs 
  2. Managing rebates and warranties
  3. Programming smart thermostats to meet administrative and management team needs
  4. Setting policies dependent upon building standards 
  5. Knowing where and when to begin installation
  6. Installing without disrupting residents or guests 
  7. Setting up the smart thermostats in existing smart building platforms

A streamlined smart thermostat deployment program enables an efficient rollout across your portfolio. Your company will:

  • Meet consumer expectations for smart controls
  • Showcase your results to stakeholders
  • Seamlessly rollout smart thermostats across your portfolio 

Enable a smart-controlled environment 

SitelogIQ utilizes a pragmatic approach to install smart thermostats across numerous sites and ensure they effectively work toward your sustainability goals. When you work with us, you can trust that your smart thermostats were installed correctly and programmed optimally. 

SitelogIQ helps you quickly put your smart thermostat initiative into motion and ensures the project stays on pace. Start your partnership with SitelogIQ today to maximize the benefits of a smart thermostat initiative carried out by an experienced sustainability team:

At SitelogIQ, we can help you install smart thermostats across your portfolio. Our smart thermostats service consultants can assist in implementing a portfolio-wide launch of smart controls to meet your sustainability goals while providing benefits such as:

  • Reducing heating and colling costs by 10-15% 
  • Meeting consumer expectations for smart controls
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Qualify for lower cost green loan financing
  • Increasing your property value
  • Allowing you more time to focus on other business initiatives
  • Building investor confidence by making progress toward sustainability goals

Why have SitelogIQ manage my national rollout of smart thermostats?

SitelogIQ offers full-service facility planning, design, and management of smart thermostat programs. We help you roll out your smart thermostat program and record data that helps you communicate its effects to investors, tenants, and property owners. With our successful smart thermostat programs in various industries, you can rely on our centralized approach to:

  • Access on-demand data and visibility for projects and progress with our best-in-class program management tool, PortfolioIQ
  • Avoid immature and non-vetted solutions to reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Save time with our single end-to-end accountability, which includes turnkey install and warranty management
  • Optimize efficiency and savings with our smart thermostat expertise to determine the best options to meet property needs, such as savings potential, install locations, and when to implement your smart thermostat system
  • Utilize our top-tier vendor relationships, buying power, consistent design, and cohesive project management for a cost-effective rollout
  • Prevent pitfalls due to inexperience or an overly simplistic approach with our best practices to execute portfolio-wide initiatives at a nationwide scale with unmatched speed

Smart Thermostats for Commercial Businesses of Any Size

Our nationwide staff has the resources to complete any job through our turnkey process, meaning we will manage every phase of your project, including:

  • Identifying potential savings for each property
  • Making recommendations to maximize payback
  • Providing vetted solutions
  • Offering worry-free implementation
  • Project commissioning
  • Optimizing the site
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