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Is Limited Bandwidth and Expertise Preventing You From Showcasing Sustainability Progress to Investors?

Your investors, customers, employees and residents are demanding sustainability efforts, but simply making statements about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is no longer enough. Stakeholders are now requiring transparency about a company’s sustainability efforts and progress.

In order to showcase meaningful sustainability strides to stakeholders, companies need to successfully implement an ESG program that can provide high-quality results. But managing a large-scale ESG rollout presents challenge. Knowing where to start, implementing solutions nationwide, tracking and reporting on progress are just a few of the obstacles organizations are facing today.

When managing a large-scale ESG rollout, you want to ensure the process is as effective as possible.

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Reach Your Goals With an End-To-End Program Manager

Without an end-to-end program manager, you face obstacles that hinder speed, cost and the quality of results. The following are common with de-centralized approaches:

  • Painfully slow; it can take years to plan and complete projects that could get done in months 
  • Inefficient and do not benefit from economies of scale
  • Individual projects are more likely to encounter roadblocks, mistakes and missed deadlines 
  • Poor quality and inconsistency such as spending money on projects that don’t improve your overall facilities
  • Limited to no visibility to status of work and results, leaving you unable to report back to investors and other stakeholders 
Project Management

Streamline Large-Scale ESG Rollouts and Reap the Benefits Today

SitelogIQ’s end-to-end program management can help your company go from progress to showcase in as little as six months. Our end-to-end program management services not only help you reach your sustainability goals, but provides the following benefits: 

  • Streamline processes and procedures
  • Free up more time to focus on other important business initiatives
  • Accelerate the process of realizing increased property values
  • Create efficient systems that benefit from economies of scale and maximize company time
  • Plan and complete projects in months instead of years
  • Develop high-quality and consistent operations, such as cost-effective spending
  • Enhance project visibility so you can report to investors and other stakeholders
  • Ensure individual projects go smoothly to avoid roadblocks, such as mistakes and missed deadlines

Some of the Ways We Can Help

By choosing SitelogIQ, you form a partnership with an industry leader in facility solutions. All energy efficiency programs are tailored to individual client needs and includes what is most important to their business and stakeholders. Our programs help companies maximize results throughout their entire portfolio while granting clients access to unlimited bandwidth and expertise to show sustainability progress to investors. With SitelogIQ, your organization will never compromise on quality and will have simultaneous access to excellent service and solutions.

Our program management for ESG services include:

  • Planning and budgeting
  • Design and procurement
  • Program management
  • Turnkey project execution
  • Tracking and reporting

You can rely on SitelogIQ to bring unique expertise to program management with our strong foundation in sustainability and best practices. We have dozens of successful rollouts of national ESG programs for leading commercial real estate and Fortune 1000 firms under our belt, which enables us to provide clients with benefits such as:

  • The speed and scale to execute portfolio-wide initiatives across the United States due to our best practices, turnkey approach to avoid pitfalls from inexperience or overly simplistic methods
  • Cost-effective rollouts due to  cohesive project management, installation resources and consistent designs
  • Expert in-house design services to provide optimal savings and efficiency
  • Single end-to-end accountability, with warranty management to reduce time
  • Access to direct manufacturer relationships, strong buying power and subcontractor networks
  • On-demand visibility into projects and progress with our PortfolioIQ tool

Proven Solutions Across Various Industries

SitelogIQ has experience and expertise in deploying the following proven solutions across portfolios for the commercial real estate, Fortune 1000, and healthcare industries:

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