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Make your buildings better with mySiteIQ technology-enabled solutions that help you better organize your facility assets, prioritize your long-term facility plans, and optimize your buildings.

Improve facility efficiency, safety, security, and comfort for the students, teachers, patients, doctors, families, and workforce you serve with integrated tools from mySiteIQ.

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The SitelogIQ mySiteIQ technology platform is designed to help leaders gain greater insight into their facilities and drive better outcomes.

Build a plan and gain consensus; get the funding you need to make your buildings better.

mySiteIQ helps you assess your buildings and assets, prioritize investments, and build consensus with your key stakeholders. Whether you have 1 building or 100, mySiteIQ can help you build a plan that works for your key stakeholders.

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Track projects and move faster with improved visibility into construction.

mySiteIQ helps you improve visibility into schedule, budget, and key performance metrics with interactive dashboards the keep you and your key stakeholders informed and engaged on your capital project performance.

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Make the invisible visible and actionable.

mySiteIQ combines leading edge data analytics and visualization technology with really smart engineers that help you maximize the life of your assets and improve your energy and sustainability performance. We can measure energy, water, natural gas, greenhouse gas, indoor air quality, and a variety of other metrics.

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“SitelogIQ covers architecture, engineering, and construction management types of activities all under one roof, so it’s very easy at that point to let them be the one-stop-shop and have that synergy that’s created with the ability to do that. I’ve been very satisfied with the relationship we’ve had with SitelogIQ over the 14 years we’ve been involved with them.”

– John Toop, Director of Business Services for Hopkins Public Schools

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