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Occupant and Community Needs Change. Maximize Your Facility Impact.

Facilities are aging. Budgets and bandwidth are tight. Resources are limited. And the needs of your occupants are constantly changing and evolving.

Our analysts and energy and facility experts are constantly working to evolve our technology platform with the goal of providing our customers with a single source of truth for accurate facility data to support better long-term planning and stakeholder support.  

mySiteIQ is SitelogIQ’s facility intelligence platform that helps facility directors, business managers, and operational leaders better organize their facility assets, prioritize long-term capital plans, and optimize building efficiency and performance. mySiteIQ technology platform is designed to help leaders gain greater insight into their facilities and drive better outcomes – we help you make the invisible visible…and actionable!

mySiteIQ supports the entire facility lifecycle under one digital roof, allowing school districts, higher education institutions, hospitals, and local and state governments to easily adapt and align their facilities with those ever-evolving occupant needs. Through a vigorous combination of technology and energy analysts and operational advisors, mySiteIQ gives you valuable visibility into your building assets, access to schedules and budget scenarios, and key performance metrics to keep you informed and help you meet your short- and long-term facility goals.

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Assess your facilities efficiently.

Easily capture asset details and conditions, along with your digital floor plan. 

Add photos and videos to give context to your asset conditions. 

Present facility conditions to your key stakeholders and provide context for consideration of improvement needs.

Manage all your facilities under one digital roof and have full facility visibility like you’ve never seen.

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Plan short- and long-term projects, gain consensus with key stakeholders, and secure funding.

Build ultimate efficiency into the planning phase of each project.

Deliver ultimate efficiency into the planning phase.

Deploy available resources to your highest priorities. Maximize return on capital investments.

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The perfect compliment to a Facility Manager’s deep expertise.

Sophisticated data and analytics to monitor and measure key performance metrics that enable you to achieve your energy, operational, and sustainability goals.

mySiteIQ takes your facilities to the next level of optimal performance.

For Facility Managers, your job is never done. See the unseeable, so you can know the unknowable.

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    We take complicated facility data and make it usable and actionable with the help of a comprehensive suite of software services.

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