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In today’s industry, energy efficiency and sustainability are high-priority demands for investors, guests and workers. In order to demonstrate a meaningful commitment to sustainability, hotel management teams must put environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies into motion — not just say they have a plan for them. 

Leading hotels such as the Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas installed solar to reduce their utility bills by 75% with a fixed cost 10-year financing deal and The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte was named the top eco-friendly hotel being LEED gold-certified and providing a series of sustainability features. Both of these hotels have reduced their operational costs and have seen an uptick in booking reservations, giving them a competitive edge in the market. 

And let’s not forget Investors. Investors have become increasingly smart about how they invest by now using ESG criteria to evaluate their investments. In fact, according to Gartner, 85% of investors considered ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors in their investments in 2020. Guests are also demanding a clean, safe, and unique hotel experience delivered through sustainable means, and while workers are factoring sustainability efforts when considering employment opportunities. 

To remain competitive and meet sustainability demands from investors, guests and workers, hotel owners must be able to not only plan but implement their ESG initiatives while operating as business as usual. 

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Executing on your Sustainability Plans is the most Challenging Part

As a hotel portfolio or ESG manager, demonstrating your sustainability commitment has never been more challenging. When it comes to ESG initiatives, implementation matters. You will need to streamline and accelerate your property upgrades to provide an unforgettable experience for guests and ensure investors are satisfied with your progress. 

But implementation across a large portfolio is easier said than done. Managing a large scale ESG rollout requires: 

  1. Dedicated time and effort
  2. Buy in from stakeholders that hotels often lack to make budget decisions
  3. Decision making alignment which hotels typically have inconsistencies in local decision making 
  4. Managing a large number of vendors in different regions which is often slow and runs into project hurdles 

Be Ready to Showcase Meaningful Sustainability Progress

By partnering with SitelogIQ and taking a centralized approach, your hotel is committing to sustainability and has the data to prove it. With SitelogIQ, your end-to-end managed ESG program focuses on mobilizing and monitoring your ESG strategy so you can handle other time-consuming elements of providing the best hospitality service for your guests. An accelerated energy efficiency program produces fast, consistent results that are ready to showcase within six months.

Your organization will experience the following benefits: 

  • Identify, budget and quickly execute on high-impact property improvements
  • Exceed guests’ expectations to increase traffic
  • Showcase ESG progress to attract hospitality investors

Why SitelogIQ?

SitelogIQ uses decades of experience to develop and implement ESG strategies to produce the most effective initiatives for hotels. Over the last 14 years, SitelogIQ has worked on over 300 hotel properties enabling the expertise to tailor energy-efficient programs that accomplish what your guests and stakeholders care about most — a comfortable stay and high revenue.

Our turnkey solutions allow hotel owners and operators to effectively make progress on sustainability plans. With SitelogIQ, you’ll initiate concrete ESG plans and collect the information you need to communicate results to investors, guests and workers. Our hotel clients experience benefits such as: 

  • Speed and scale to execute portfolio-wide initiatives across the United States due to our best practices, turnkey approach to avoid pitfalls from inexperience or overly simplistic methods.
  • Cost-effective rollouts due to cohesive project management, installation resources and consistent designs.
  • Expert in-house design services to provide optimal savings and efficiency.
  • Single end-to-end accountability, with warranty management to reduce time.
  • Access to direct manufacturer relationships and strong buying power.
  • On-demand visibility into projects and progress with our PortfolioIQ tool.

Our team of experts handle every step of your ESG program including: 

At SitelogIQ, we’ve helped hotel owners and operators implement cost-effective ESG strategies with our end-to-end centrally managed programs that include sustainability solutions such as: 

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