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Your school district’s lighting systems foster safety and productivity for students and staff in your educational environment. With appropriate architectural lighting, you can facilitate enhanced learning. SitelogIQ offers turnkey K-12 school lighting solutions that fit your budget and further your long-term educational goals. Though lighting might not be at the top of your to-do list, an updated system can change the productivity levels for students, teachers, and staff, and even how district visitors feel when visiting.

Partnering with SitelogIQ can help your district drive greater success for all students. Our team will create energy-efficient spaces that provide clear value and utilize the latest technology.

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Build Safer Industrial Lighting Systems

Proper K-12 school lighting is an investment in your building’s safety practices. Our team can help you assemble a smart, energy-efficient lighting system that saves you money so you can utilize it for other priorities.

The SitelogIQ team has 400+ energy experts, engineers, architects, and project consultants. Each member of our staff is dedicated to supporting you achieve your facility goals. No matter the scope of the project, we simplify the process with full-service K-12 school lighting solutions. Our projects typically include the following phases:

  • Complimentary energy assessment
  • Energy consumption audit
  • Financing assistance and procurement
  • Architectural design
  • Lighting installation
  • Full warranties and rebates


Case Study: Metro Nashville Public School

Our K-12 School Lighting Solutions

After our initial assessment of a school building, we can help you determine a flexible solution that fits the goals and needs of your learning space. Our K-12 architectural lighting strategies differ based on your structural and educational needs. Whether you’re retrofitting the space or starting from scratch, we help you follow through with the most energy- and cost-efficient plans.

Our lighting projects may include:

  • Emergency lighting: Your emergency power systems are crucial for staff and student safety. Our installation team can create a code-compliant emergency lighting setup for an entire campus.
  • LED retrofitting: If you’ve noticed skyrocketing energy bills in a school building, it may be time for a retrofitted system. We help your district adapt to new technology with LED retrofits in your current fixtures. This upgrade can save you money on energy consumption in the future.
  • Outdoor fixtures: Your outdoor lighting should allow students and staff to feel comfortable at school, no matter the space they might be in. We plan and install outdoor lighting systems that maintain campus safety.
  • Sustainable operating systems: A school building’s energy consumption is often inflated by systems that illuminate the property at unnecessary times. With an intelligent system that works on a set schedule, you can reduce operational costs.

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