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What Is It & Why Is It Important?

Measurement & Verification, or M&V as it is commonly referred, is a process for quantifying the precise impact a conservation measure has on energy use. For organizations making the decision to invest in energy efficiency measures for their facilities, it calculates the bottom line impact from the energy saved by the overall investment. The M&V process involves the installation and maintenance of energy meters, gathering data for analysis and computations, and ongoing reporting to provide you with system intelligence for your facility.

Our team takes an integrated approach to M&V and performance assurance measures, providing our clients with a more responsive and comprehensive look at their project so that they are able to get the great return on their investment.

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By Implementing M&V With the SitelogIQ Team, You Gain:

  • Thorough understanding of your building systems
  • More responsive and comprehensive systems, as well as a thorough plan for maintaining the savings over time and looking ahead to future enhancements or upgrades
  • Useful energy savings measurements for one building as a test before rolling out more of a similar nature
  • System performance monitoring and savings assurance
  • Necessary credibility and transparency when pursuing or enhancing energy efficiency certifications like LEED or Energy Star
  • A clear picture of how a planned energy efficiency investment will work with a facility’s existing systems for a more functional and efficient design
  • Training for your staff on all new equipment, controls, and systems. Training will be provided by factory-authorized experts with a thorough understanding of each type of system.
  • Access to additional training for preventative maintenance
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