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Having Trouble Executing Your ESG Plans?

Investors, customers, employees and residents are demanding sustainability efforts from companies. Simply making statements about ESG is no longer enough. The demand for transparency into a company’s sustainability initiatives is now being required. Stakeholders are looking for proof of action and meaningful ESG efforts from organizations. 

When it comes to the “E” in ESG, do you know where the highest-potential energy opportunities are in your portfolio? Are you having difficulty making your energy efficiency plan a reality? Turning ESG plans into action is a major undertaking that many organizations today struggle to successfully implement.

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Keeping Up With Stakeholder Expectations Requires Effective Prioritization and Budgeting

Traditional energy efficiency programs often lack audit design and expertise and result in missed opportunities. Near-sided planning solely focusing on low initial costs may look good up front, but delivers unimpressive results. 

Without proactively prioritizing and budgeting, you’re spending more time and money on projects that are missing the mark. 

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Identify and Kick Off Your Highest Priority Opportunities for the Next 6 Months

Prioritizing portfolio analysis and capital planning is an upfront effort that enables speed and success of nationwide energy efficiency programs. Identifying and capitalizing on high-priority opportunities is achievable within 6 months of enlisting our services.

Access to specialized advisors with core competencies in audit and design and sophisticated solution planning results in:

  • Cost savings
  • Long-term results with a higher overall return on investments
  • Consistency across your portfolio
  • Identifying potential projects before missing timeline targets due to supply chain delays
Case Study

See How Apogee Enterprises Prioritized Sustainability

For more information about SitelogIQ and our energy efficiency and sustainability project solutions, please call 888.819.0041 or submit a form to be contacted by one of our team members.

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Why Partner With SitelogIQ for Portfolio Analysis and Capital Planning?

Portfolio analysis and capital planning services from SitelogIQ help your portfolio-wide program get off the ground while providing the resources you need to understand your assets and make reliable budgeting decisions. Our team will help you integrate ESG initiatives into budgeting to ensure you don’t miss out on critical efficiency opportunities.

At SitelogIQ, we have a solid foundation in industry-specific best practices and sustainability expertise. Our strong track record of working with leading commercial real estate and Fortune 1000 firms allows us to bring our expertise to the portfolio analysis and capital planning process.

Capital Planning Software Capabilities

With dozens of successful rollouts of turnkey national energy efficiency programs under our belt, our centralized approach to portfolio energy optimization enables us to:

  • Gather all available data about a portfolio and run it through our proprietary capital planning software to collect insights about potential opportunities
  • Guide prioritization that incorporates elements such as utility costs, rebate availability, compliance standards, and input from on-site teams
  • Create a rough order of magnitude project cost estimate with data from thousands of prior SitelogIQ projects
  • Design and develop specific project scopes with firm costs
  • Track potential opportunities and phase them into appropriate budget years
  • Give clients access to gathered data and planning steps with our PortfolioIQ platform
  • Offer access to strong buying power and direct manufacturer relationships
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