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Our Energy Analytics team provides data-driven energy optimization solutions for our customers, ranging from municipal governments and K-12 campuses to large commercial facilities, hospitals, and universities. An ever-growing number of enterprise organizations depend on our proven track record of fulfilling and exceeding sustainability targets. We help our customers to leverage their existing facility data to better understand and optimize their building environments. We make the invisible visible by providing our customers with insight into their facilities.

We combine data science tools and engineering expertise to reduce operational expenses by as much as 25% while increasing the productivity of facility support personnel. These gains are achieved and sustained by our energy engineers working with facility staff using our energy information systems and business intelligence tools to provide automated, ongoing commissioning and to correct performance drift.


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Our Energy Analytics Solutions include:

Energy Information Systems (EIS): We deploy scalable software platforms that integrate all the data sources that define building operation into one location for rapid assessment and detection of issues. Modular SitelogIQ applications include fault detection and analytics, utility bill management and tenant billing, greenhouse gas emissions tracking, energy performance metrics and business intelligence dashboards.

Energy Management Services: Our engineers use the EIS systems we set up to monitor building operation and energy performance, providing facilities staff with cost-effective, targeted support.

Consulting Services: SitelogIQ engineering experts perform facility energy audits and assessments of potential energy savings measures, building commissioning/retro-commissioning, and benchmarking for state-specific compliance or real estate portfolio assessments.


The Problem We Solve

We optimize your energy consumption unlocking your existing building data, organizing it, and supporting your staff with insights and actionable information to make better energy and sustainability decisions.

We take a client-focused approach to building data analytics that has been proven to save our clients 8-25% annually on energy in addition to the multiple indirect cost benefits from increased equipment life, reduced maintenance costs, and improved occupant comfort.

At SitelogIQ, we know it’s tough to operate and optimize your building while running your business. Maintenance staff are often forced to work in a reactive mode rather than having the luxury of a preventative approach. We make it easy and cost-effective for you to augment your team with advanced software analytics and our expert energy engineering staff. Identified savings opportunities are prioritized by their value, so maintenance staff aren’t overwhelmed with additional alerts and you can make sound decisions to optimize building performance and meet sustainability goals.

It’s not enough to simply have a powerful tool that gathers all your building data and automatically detects faults; someone has to have the time to use it and resolve identified issues. We offer as much ongoing energy engineering support as you need to maximize your savings.

About Energy Analytics Software
& Energy Information Systems (EIS)

SitelogIQ provides full-service Energy Information System deployments, integrating non-proprietary building data analytics and business intelligence platforms for our customers. Our approach is modular and scalable, making it easy to start small, demonstrate value quickly, and then grow to meet changing business needs. Combining software analytics with ongoing expert engineering review of the data enables us to implement an ongoing commissioning process for our clients.

SitelogIQ focuses on software solutions that don’t require costly hardware installations, and we offer both on-site and cloud-hosted analytics deployments. We’re control-vendor neutral as most modern systems can be integrated with common interfaces including: BACnet IP, Energy Star Portfolio Manager, Green Button Connect, Haystack (Niagara), Modbus, oBIX, Sedona, SQL, XML, and CSV files. We also have multiple export modules that can be used to email out trend data from onsite BAS or PLC/SCADA systems.

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