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GHG Emissions Monitoring and Reductions

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions does more than benefit our planet. In addition to simply being the right thing to do, it can have a positive impact to an organization’s bottom line. From reducing operational costs to solidifying investor commitments, GHG tracking and reporting is essential in today’s business climate. As a partner providing energy management services for organizations across the nation, SitelogIQ is an expert in what’s needed to track and reduce your facility’s GHG emissions and can help you plan for a more sustainable future.

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GHG Data Automation and Reporting

Whether it’s required by regulatory bodies, investors, or your key stakeholders, GHG baselining and annual reporting of GHG emissions often requires the compilation of multiple data sets. This can be challenging enough to accomplish on an annual basis, but annual data is rarely sufficient for an organization to manage and track the progress of their sustainability initiatives throughout the year.

SitelogIQ’s technology team has the software solutions to integrate your various data sets and provide data automation to capture this information on a monthly basis to allow you the opportunity to more frequently update your leadership team as you progress towards your sustainability goals.

By utilizing our advanced energy monitoring technology, you will gain visibility into your facility and its environmental impact in order to make more informed decisions to reducing its carbon footprint while building a smarter and more efficient facility environment.

GHG Monitoring and Reporting Solutions

Regardless of whether SIQ has helped to establish your GHG baseline or not, most organizations struggle with what to do with the data. You may be considering a new construction or renovating an existing one, incorporating forward-thinking, energy-efficient HVAC, lighting, and insulation systems can position your organization to meet the challenges of the future in a sustainable and economical manner. Our team of facility experts is here to partner with you to take a holistic approach to your facility planning and design and help you identify financing options and prioritize and implement smart facility solutions.

Our wide range of GHG tracking and reporting services includes:

  • GHG tracking plan and procedures preparation
  • GHG emissions calculation for annual reporting
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Greenhouse gas assessments
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Climate action plans (CAPs)
  • Carbon offset planning

The team at SitelogIQ can determine that areas within your facility that are performing well and identify areas where there are opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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