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Reducing your facility’s reliance on fossil fuels and grid power is a great way to lower operational expenses and ensure continuous power to your building. While improving efficiency is a big part of this process, you can begin by generating your own power on-site. Fortunately, recent advances in renewable technology have made this goal easier than ever to reach.

Even a small solar array can offset your reliance on the grid, saving you money without affecting reliability. Add a larger solar system, and the benefits will be even greater. If you’d like to explore energy generation options for your facility, contact SitelogIQ to speak with a team member today.

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Benefits of On-Site Energy Generation

Solar energy power generation is a sustainable alternative to using fossil fuels. There are even reasons to consider on-site energy generation beyond going green. For properties, solar:

  • Lower operating costs and make budgeting more consistent and predictable, as changes to the price of oil will have less impact on your utility costs
  • Give you true energy independence, ensuring that you always have power available, even when there’s an interruption to service on the grid
  • Create buy-in from customers and other stakeholders around energy conservation initiatives, generating goodwill and positioning your organization as an energy leader
  • Potentially qualify you for LEED, Green Globes, and other accreditations as well as tax breaks, rebates, and incentives

Energy Generation Considerations

On-site energy generation can be tied to the grid — meaning you have another source of power available for periods of high demand — or it can be truly independent with the addition of a storage battery. Several factors will affect this choice, including the layout of your property and other technical considerations, your budget for the project, and any specific business requirements around power availability.

Properties with large, unused roof space are ideal candidates for solar electricity generation. It’s also possible to install PV panels on top of parking canopies and other exterior structures or ground-mount them in an unobstructed outdoor space. Alternatives to solar include biomass, geothermal, and other sustainable energy generation options — for more information, contact SitelogIQ directly.

Installing a solar array generator is an expensive investment — your path to a strong ROI will be shorter if your facilities are already operating efficiently. If you’re considering on-site energy generation, it’s worth it to have a detailed energy audit conducted first and look at how efficiency could be improved by upgrading equipment, adding insulation, or making other infrastructural improvements.

Your Partner for Smart Building Solutions

SitelogIQ is a national leader in smart, sustainable buildings. When it comes to energy generation, we offer a variety of consulting services, including site surveys, project management, energy audits, and more. We can assist with generation, storage, scalability, efficiency, and other issues.

With multiple locations across the country and a history of taking on complex projects for education, government, commercial and industrial, and healthcare properties, we have the team, the technology, and the experience to help any client. Use the form on this page to get in touch today.

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