Hampshire County Correctional Facility

Project Background

SitelogIQ designed, constructed, and commissioned the largest solar thermal system in the Massachusetts Commonwealth. First our engineers prepared the specifications and design documents necessary to construct the solar thermal system in accordance with all the requirements of the contract. Solar energy is transferred to the building HW Heating System via a floor-mounted, plate and frame heat exchanger.  Building heating water is subsequently stored in a 4,000-gallon tank. This tank, which supplies hot water for use in the building heating, also serves as the source of heat to generate domestic hot water. The result is one of the largest solar hot water heaters in the US. Over 1,000 lineal feet of racked panels were installed in a security sensitive environment. Also, we provided commissioning services for this solar thermal project in addition to feasibility, design, and procurement. The commissioning plan was consistent with the standards of the Building Commissioning Association (BCA).

Our Energy Services