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Building Re-commissioning

Once a facility becomes fully operational, building owners are able to get a clearer picture of occupancy and usage needs. Building operating and maintenance systems are examined and cleaned as necessary, repaired or replaced and systems reset. At SitelogIQ, our goal is to deliver building re-commissioning services that drive energy efficiency and operational savings.

Re-commissioning typically includes a total facility component and system analysis to create the commissioning plan. We work with you to identify inefficiencies and necessary steps to correct the problem. Once the analysis has been completed and the design intent documents have been examined, the commissioning agent formulates a plan to get the building back to optimal performance per the original design intent.

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We have provided re-commissioning services for many different building systems, including:

Our expertise spans a range of systems and services. Working with your team, we’ll tailor our approach to the specifics of your facility and the goals of your project.

We can also provide existing facility re-commissioning services for the following:

  • Acoustics
  • Building automation and controls (BAS, DDC, ATC)
  • Building envelope (using thermal imaging)
  • Lighting and day-lighting controls
  • Security
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