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The energy sector has followed in the footsteps of the many industries making the switch to “as-a-service” technologies. The resulting Energy as a Service solution allows companies like yours to enjoy new renewable energy projects with no initial costs and more predictable monthly bills.

When choosing an energy-as-a-service company, finding a business that will support your transition every step of the way is crucial. That’s why many companies choose SitelogIQ. As a one-stop shop for facility solutions, we have the vast resources and the knowledgeable team you need for your small and large energy-efficiency projects to succeed.

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What Is Energy as a Service?

Energy as a Service (EaaS) is a model of project financing in which a project vendor — like SitelogIQ — takes responsibility for your company’s project risks. You can choose to replace your old lighting, HVAC, and other equipment with newer, more energy-efficient models. After consulting with your in-house team, we’ll implement a project strategy, provide new products and technologies to make your building more energy-efficient, manage your program and energy use, and offer ongoing performance services.

EaaS is a “pay for performance” model, which means you’ll only pay for the energy savings you receive. If your building uses more energy than predicted, your energy-as-a-service company will take on the difference. We’ll then use any energy savings to pay for your project. Even if your energy use fluctuates, you’ll still only be responsible for a regular monthly bill.

How Solar Energy as a Service Can Benefit Your Business

As you replace your outdated systems with ones that use solar energy or other renewable sources, you’ll notice a wide array of advantages for your business. As an EaaS company, SitelogIQ can provide you with:

  • Predictable Bills: With EaaS, you’ll receive a monthly bill that won’t fluctuate with seasonal prices or changing energy demands. We take on the cost of energy increases so you don’t have to.
  • No Up-Front Costs: Because we’ll pay for your system replacements with the money you save in future bills, you won’t have to pay anything for the service up front.
  • Guaranteed Savings: When you know what your exact energy bill will be every month, you can budget more accurately and reduce your overall expenses.
  • Increased Sustainability: We can outfit your facility with wind-powered systems, solar-powered equipment, or other forms of renewable energy. Your building will better complement your sustainability initiatives, making you an attractive choice for environmentally minded clients.
  • Ongoing Support: When you work with SitelogIQ as your EaaS company, we’ll do more than install your equipment. We offer continual monitoring, maintenance and support as part of your EaaS agreement.

Working With SitelogIQ for Your EaaS

SitelogIQ strives to create energy-saving programs that are as unique as your business. Each of our projects begins with an in-depth consultation, where we’ll learn more about your facility, your goals and vision, your budgetary needs, and other vital aspects of your company. We’ll then work with your in-house team to provide services tailored to your energy demands.

We’ve helped companies realize their renewable energy initiatives at more than 11,000 jobsites. We’re committed to saving companies money through innovative project financing options, and we’ve proven this commitment by delivering an estimated $1 billion in energy savings to our clients thus far.

Discover a risk-free way to save money on energy. Contact us to get started today.

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