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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) expectations have become increasingly important to tenants and owners. Tenants today expect modern, energy efficient buildings. In fact, according to Apartment Data, 61% of renters say they would pay more each month in rent for an eco-friendly apartment. Owners are also feeling pressure from investors to meet ESG demands. According to a Deloitte survey, only 21% of survey respondents currently have an ESG council or working group in place to drive ESG initiatives, while 57% of survey respondents are actively working to establish an ESG group or team to drive initiatives. Due to increased pressures, owners are turning towards property managers to execute on sustainability initiatives. 

As a property management company, the need to be proactive with value-added services is essential to meet tenant and owner expectations, and better compete in today’s market.  

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Bringing a proactive ESG program to owners is challenging

When it comes to ESG initiatives, proactively bringing a sustainability program to your owners is critical. Developing an ESG playbook makes you more strategically valuable to your owners and positions you for more revenue opportunities. But developing that program is hard. 

In addition to developing an ESG playbook comes implementation. You will need to streamline and accelerate your property upgrades to provide efficient environments for tenants and ensure your investors are satisfied with your progress. But implementation across numerous communities is easier said than done. Managing a large scale ESG rollout requires: 

  1. Dedicated time and effort
  2. Buy in from stakeholders to make budget decisions
  3. Decision making alignment from segmented local decision makers 
  4. Managing a large number of vendors in different regions
  5. Coordinating with tenants to rollout upgrades in industrial and office environments

“SitelogIQ took the initiative to create a budget for all properties in our portfolio, directly correspond with our property teams, and produce fast audits. Their willingness to go above and beyond for our partnership and business relationship is irreplaceable.”

– Sustainability Project Manager, LivCor

“SitelogIQ strengthens our energy efficiency strategy by helping us identify all available energy efficiency opportunities within our portfolio, so we’re never leading money on the table.”

– John Forde, Resource Manager, Essex Property Trust

“SitelogIQ is an excellent partner in business. A pleasure to work with, quick moving, and makes the whole process easy and immediately implementable”

– Michael Ferguson, VP of Engineering, Windsor / GID

Be ready to showcase high-impact ESG progress

By helping your owners take a centralized approach to ESG upgrades, you will accelerate their sustainability progress and give them the data to prove it. An end-to-end managed ESG program focused on mobilizing and monitoring your ESG strategy will help you deploy capital cost effectively and free up valuable time to focus on other important initiatives. 

You will experience the following benefits within six months: 

  • Remain in control of property improvement upgrades and avoid being cut out of initiatives 
  • Increase management fee revenues 
  • Identify, budget and quickly execute on high-impact property improvements
  • Exceed tenant expectations
  • Showcase ESG progress to owners and investors 

With SitelogIQ, you will be able to overcome the challenges of helping your owner implement an ESG program. As an extension of your team, we have the expertise to help you create and implement a highly effective ESG program that encapsulates your owners and tenants’ values. We make it easy to roll out proven ESG solutions across multiple properties.   

Why SitelogIQ?

SitelogIQ has completed over 3,200 projects that have resulted in more than $12 million in utility bill savings for dozens of top real estate agencies and Fortune 1000 firms. Here’s why we’re able to produce impressive results for portfolios of all sizes:

  • Speed and scale: Experienced ESG professionals stationed nationwide 
  • Cost-effective methods: Proven designs and cohesive project management strategies
  • Innovative technology: On-demand project and progress data visibility through PortfolioIQ
  • Turnkey services: End-to-end accountability from project design to warranty management 

We distinguish ourselves as the industry’s leader in ESG implementation by offering a full suite of services, including:

SitelogIQ can deploy the following solutions for every property you manage:

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