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Are you efficiently rolling out solar initiatives?

The global green movement has driven organizations to set aggressive sustainability goals. In fact, 99% of S&P 500 companies in 2020 reported that they are sustainability-conscious, while 90% done so in 2019. Additionally, over 75% of Russell 1000 companies published sustainability reports in 2020, an increase from 65% in 2019. 

Organizations who are serious about curbing carbon emissions and moving towards net zero targets are turning towards one of the best renewable energy sources, Solar PV. As the world is becoming more conscious of solar energy, companies are looking towards adopting solar pv panel programs. However, rolling out a solar pv program in different states across the nation is a huge undertaking organizations today are facing. 

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Overcome the challenges of a Large-Scale Solar Rollout

With a series of obstacles during a large-scale solar rollout, the need to eliminate the risk of slow progress and undesirable results is critical to reaching your sustainability targets. The right solar advisor needs the expertise of navigating through the complex world of designing projects, understanding of what works in each region and provides financing solutions that are suitable for complex commercial entities. By adopting a centrally managed program, you are now enabled to quickly and accurately successfully rollout solar pv panels across various sites. Our team of experts in solar photovoltaic installation provide: 

  1. Design capabilities across a national footprint with regional specific expertise  
  2. Environmental expertise for project viability in specific markets with thorough understanding of local rate and net metering structures to maximize solar opportunities for feasible solar pv projects 
  3. A vetted network of solar EPC’s across the country to guarantee quality and professionalism for every project 
  4. A range of financing and transaction options that are suitable to meet needs and risk preferences of financially complexed organizations 
  5. Trusted advisor services by providing an independent solar analysis to check claims of solar companies and financiers that guides organizations to make great decisions

Meet Your Solar Targets quickly and easily

Installing solar PV through a centralized approach is one of the best renewable energy sources being emission-free. Generating solar power on-site reduces the amount of electricity used from the grid and helps lower operational costs. With SitelogIQ’s streamlined approach, your company will experience benefits such as:

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Increased property values
  • Access to solar expertise
  • Increased investor confidence due to sustainability progress
  • More time to focus on other business initiatives

Why have SitelogIQ manage your national Solar Rollout

SitelogIQ has a strong foundation in sustainability expertise and industry-specific best practices. With our successful portfolio of leading commercial real estate and Fortune 1000 companies, you can rely on our team to bring a unique perspective to implementing solar PV panels to your site.

With our successful solar PV program rollouts in various industries, you can rely on our centralized approach to:

  • Access on-demand data and visibility for projects and progress with our best-in-class program management tool, PortfolioIQ
  • Avoid immature and non-vetted solutions to reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Save time with our single end-to-end accountability, which includes solar incentives and warranty management
  • Optimize efficiency and savings with our solar pv expertise to determine the best options to meet property needs, such as savings potential, maximized payback, install locations, and when to implement solar pv
  • Utilize our top-tier vendor relationships, buying power, consistent design, and cohesive project management for a cost-effective rollout
  • Prevent pitfalls due to inexperience or an overly simplistic approach with our best practices to execute portfolio-wide initiatives at a nationwide scale with unmatched speed

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Solar PV for Commercial Businesses of Any Size

Our nationwide staff has the resources to complete any job through our turnkey process, meaning we will manage every phase of your project, including:

  • Identifying potential savings for each property
  • Making recommendations to maximize payback
  • Providing vetted solutions
  • Finding rebates for additional savings
  • Offering worry-free implementation
  • Project commissioning
  • Optimizing the site
  • Training and supporting the landscaping crew
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