K-12 Facility Performance Contracting

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K-12 Facility Performance Contracting at SitelogIQ

When it comes to school facilities, there is always work to be done as the educational and long-term needs of your district evolve. With a flexible budget, you are able to make necessary facility upgrades as needs arise. We offer K-12 school performance contracting so you can get your projects started without upfront costs. Our turnkey planning, maintenance, and financing solutions allow districts like yours to improve their buildings and increase energy savings. 

With our team of contractors, engineers, and energy managers to inform and execute change, we can make a difference in your energy consumption and long-term building plans for your schools. We prioritize your district’s needs to optimize the educational environment for your students and staff. Learn more about SitelogIQ as your partner for strategic performance contracting, hit the easy button and get your improvement projects underway. Allow our team to arrange the entire project from start to finish!

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What Is K-12 Performance Contracting?

Performance contracting is an excellent way to maximize a school’s energy savings. Your school district can upgrade its critical infrastructure with improved energy efficiency and use the money saved on energy consumption to the general fund. In other words, K-12 performance contracting allows you to reinvest your budget without paying more than the original fee. This financing solution gives schools the flexibility to finance their projects and enjoy higher energy savings over time. 

With this strategic reinvestment in your school, you can achieve your financial, environmental, and operational goals. Energy savings performance contracting also has the following advantages for educational institutions:

  • Long-term energy savings: Based on your critical infrastructure needs, we can identify measurable solutions for a building’s energy efficiency.
  • Low operational costs: You can enjoy significantly lower utility bills with lower energy consumption. These savings allow you to maximize the money in your budget.
  • Improved educational experience: Investments in your school buildings ultimately contribute to the students and staff enjoying a better learning space.
  • Eliminating delays: School districts are constantly at odds with their budgets. With SitelogIQ, you can get your next improvement started with no upfront costs.
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    How We Approach Performance Contracting for K-12 Education

    At SitelogIQ, we want your school district to succeed. That’s why we offer full-service solutions for your operational challenges. Partner with our team of 500 consultants, engineers, and energy experts, and we’ll help you begin an effective project. 

    Here’s how we offer maximum school energy savings through performance contracting solutions:

    • Assessment: Every school building has different structural needs, so we begin each project by assessing the existing system. This evaluation allows us to understand your current energy consumption.
    • Design: With your energy efficiency goals in mind, we help you create a personalized layout for new or retrofitted lighting, air quality systems, and control systems. We ensure an outstanding final product using proven financial analysis methods.
    • Financing: To maximize your ROI, we allow you to pay back the cost of your project using the money saved on your energy consumption. This financing option gives your district the power to save even more on future improvements.

    Case Study: Durham Public Schools


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    When you’re ready to get started on a project that can save your school district money, choose SitelogIQ. Our team takes time to find appropriate solutions for all your operational challenges. Improve your facility planning and use energy efficiency savings to fund additional infrastructure projects today.

    Get started today with a free energy assessment, or call 888.819.0041 to learn more about our K-12 facility performance contracting.