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Building systems are often plagued with inefficient and out-of-date technologies. Many of these systems were installed over time and not fully integrated or optimized with other infrastructure systems. Building retro-commissioning services involve the process of identifying and taking corrective action in existing under-performing building systems.

Our SitelogIQ commissioning team offers high quality retro-commissioning services through a holistic approach to facility solutions. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with clients in educationhealthcare, commercial office space, shopping centers, government, and manufacturing facilities. We know that productivity, operational efficiency, staff comfort and building system performance are all major business concerns and we look at each of these as related to the other to drive the best energy and operational efficiencies for your organization.

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Our building retro-commissioning and energy retro-commissioning solutions include:

  • Retro-commissioning plan development
  • Systems investigation
  • Control system verification
  • Construction
  • Function performance testing
  • Plan & specification review
  • Design
  • System troubleshooting
  • Deficiency reporting
  • Corrective action implementation
  • Systems operator training

What are the benefits of retro-commissioning services for your facility?

  • Improved indoor environment & comfort
  • Improved system efficiency & maintenance costs, as well as system documentation & monitoring
  • Increased building energy performance
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