Centennial School District

Centennial School District, located in Bucks County, Pa., serves approximately 5,500 students district-wide, with nearly 2,300 students attending the elementary schools. In the mid-2000s, Centennial School District took inventory of their facilities and evaluated the costs to operate. After thorough discussions with stakeholders, the District decided to address the inefficiencies in their buildings by reducing six neighborhood schools to three regional elementary schools. The District looked to architectural firm Stantec and SitelogIQ as the Construction Manager, to renovate and build on three existing elementary schools in the District to serve the needs of its students. The project consisted of constructing two new schools, Davis Elementary and McDonald Elementary and renovating an existing school, Willowdale Elementary. Davis and McDonald were designed similarly, both consisting of 136,312-square-feet school. Willowdale Elementary School consisted of 110,485 square feet of renovations and a small 940-square-foot addition to expand the school offices. As a result of the consolidation, the District reduced their gross square footage by 90,000, which went from 478,000 to 388,000. They also reduced acreage by 43, which went from 109 to 66. In addition, the operational impact in expenses saved the District more than $560,000 per year.