LED Lighting Solutions for Warehouses

Lighting is one of the costliest of business-related expenses in factories, malls, showrooms, office buildings and supermarkets. To get optimal light distributed through all the necessary areas in a large facility, companies have traditionally spent vast amounts of money each year on lights that need to be replaced every few months. Fortunately, businesses now have a wider range of options that includes LED lights, which are longer-lasting and more energy-efficient than conventional types of lighting.

In a factory setting, a lot of the operating costs are fixed, including the cost of lighting. You can reduce your operating costs by lowering the amount that you spend on lighting. Today, many companies are switching to LED lighting because it conserves energy and saves money. Overall, the adoption of LED lighting has led to a $30 billion reduction in energy costs among businesses. By 2027, LEDs are expected to save 348 TWh of electrical energy.

As the trend toward LEDs continues to gain momentum, a growing number of business owners have asked about the best high bay lighting solutions. Fortunately, there are many options to suit a variety of lighting needs. Take a closer look at the benefits of each option.

A Guide to 6 LED Lighting Solutions for Warehouses

The best light fixtures for warehouses come in an array of designs, from regular and round to straight and directional. If you need rows of lights to beam down from high ceilings, high bay LEDs would be the ideal option. If you need to light circular display areas, your best bet would be round LEDs. You could also choose LEDs that are designed for angled positions. Each of the following LED designs can help you save money on energy and operating costs:

1. Economy LED High Bay Lighting

One of the most effective and economical ways to light up a warehouse is with LED high bay light fixtures. When you switch out HID or halogen lights for LEDs, you can lower your electrical costs by up to 80% percent. LED high bays are an ideal choice for commercial and industrial settings because each light can emit bright light across showrooms from high ceilings. LED high bays are available in round and tubular designs and emit light in the following wattages:

  • 100W: terrific for ceilings in the 15–25 ft. height range, these lights can emit bright light across shopping areas and conference rooms.
  • 150W: ideal for ceilings in the 30–40 ft. height range, these lights can emit bright light across workrooms and factory floors.
  • 200W: optimal for 50-ft high ceilings, these lights can emit bright light across some of the widest and tallest showrooms and stadiums.

Experts choose LED high bays because these lights are practical, cost-effective, energy-efficient and powerful in terms of the amount of light that each LED is capable of emitting from high fixtures. LED high bays make it possible to save on maintenance costs because of the long lifespan of each light. While a traditional incandescent light bulb might only last for 1,000 hours, a LED will typically last as long as 25,000 hours. When you divide that up by the number of hours that your facility is in operation each week, you could be looking at tremendous savings due to the reduced consumption of energy and the less frequent light changes.

For example, if your factory or store is open 12 hours per day, 365 days per year, your lights would be on 4380 hours each year. You would have to change out incandescent bulbs on a quarterly basis. You’d only need to change LEDs once every five years, on average.

2. Spec Grade LED High Bay Lighting

One of the best lighting upgrades from metal halides and fluorescents is the Spec Grade high bay type of LED fixture, which can emit bright light across wide showrooms and high-ceiling workspaces. With Spec Grade LEDs, your factory floor will be illuminated with greater accuracy of color and detail. The lighting creates a workspace in which it is generally easier for staff to finish each job because fewer workers will need to resort to second looks and glances during assorted tasks.

Experts choose Spec Grade LEDs because of the high-quality light and the long lifespan of the bulbs, which makes it possible for business and factory owners to save money and improve working conditions. Spec Grade LEDs can be placed on ceilings as low as 15 feet to as high as 50 feet and work as a powerful light source all the same.

Spec Grade LEDs are ideal for a variety of industrial facilities. At auto-assembly plants the lights make it easier for factory workers to fasten parts into place as vehicle components move down the assembly line. Thanks to the high illumination and accuracy that Spec Grade LEDs provide, tasks that involve hand-eye coordination are easier to perform in fast-paced environments.

The main reason that Spec Grade LEDs are popular among factory owners is down to the high-performance of the light fixtures. When Spec Grade LEDs are installed on a 50-ft. ceiling, each light is generally good for roughly half a decade. Therefore, installers are not required to ascend those heights frequently because each light keeps going for years on end. Factory owners can focus on other concerns knowing that the lighting issue is largely a done deal.

3. Economy Round LED High Bay Lighting

In chain stores of all sizes, economy round LEDs are a suitable lighting option that offer bright lumens from great heights and distances. If you are just now considering trading out a set of storewide fluorescent or halogen fixtures, economy round LEDS could improve your shopping spaces for workers and customers alike. Economy round LEDs are made in a variety of colors and can be purchased in different tones for different parts of your shopping areas.

Experts like economy round LED lights because the design offers a practical alternative to regular square or rectangular lighting fixtures. Within a storefront, it is often preferable to have light that shines in a circular manner, as opposed to the square-emitting lights of factories and workspaces. With round LEDs, you can create an environment for your patrons that is both resourceful and comforting.

Economy round LEDs can also work in factory settings, whether you have a medium or high ceiling. The far reach and clear illumination of this type of lighting can make it easier for staff to read documents and perform tasks on the floor. As long as you have the right types of fixtures installed, economy round LEDs could make your lighting situation more efficient and less costly.

Round LEDs are also ideal for round and narrow work areas. If you have a showroom with a modern design where square areas cross into round spaces, round LEDs would be especially optimal in these areas because the light would emanate from a circular fixture. Therefore, the light would distribute down the rounded walls in an even matter, hitting every square inch equally up and down between the floor and the ceiling. In fact, you could install round LEDs in rounded areas and regular LEDs in square rooms to have the best of both worlds.

4. Spec Grade LED Round High Bay Lighting

Superior Lighting LED round lights are an optimal choice for owners of large pressing plants and public spaces. If you have a facility that is currently lighted with metal halide fixtures, round Spec Grade LEDs could serve as the optimal replacement. With rounded Spec Grade LEDs, you could drastically reduce your lighting bills and pass those savings onto other areas of your business operations. Spec Grade LEDs are equipped with heat sinks that reduce the temperature emitted from the light. As such, Spec Grade round LED lights are one of the best choices in warm and heavily trafficked buildings, especially those situated in typically humid climates.

Experts choose Spec Grade LED round lights because of the strong lighting and low temperatures that are generated from such fixtures. In professional workspaces, these qualities make the tasks easier to perform and more comfortable for the staff who work under such lights for long hours each day.

With round Spec Grade LEDs, you can illuminate areas of varying widths and sizes. If you have office rooms that are relatively small, you could light these areas with one or two fixtures. In the hallways and larger areas, you could have multiple fixtures placed at measured distances to create an efficient and economical light display.

Spec Grade LED round lights are also preferred by experts because of the range of color that you can get from these lights. If you wish to have yellowed or dimmed lights in certain areas, such options are available in an array of tones. If you need to have the brightest lights possible to emit from high ceilings over wide areas, you could get a lot more lighting power from Spec Grade LEDs than you would ever get from comparable fluorescent bulbs or halogen lights. High bay Spec Grade LEDs are also the ideal option as you phase out metal 250W and 400W halides one-by-one.

5. Directional LED Channel Retrofit

If you need the lighting in your showrooms or workspaces to emit from angles, directional LED lighting would be the most ideal option. Directional LED lights can be placed on ceilings and the upper-portions of walls to spread light at straight or angled directions. If you want to have the light pointed straight down at the floor from certain fixtures, directional LEDs can be used for that purpose. If you need to have the light pointed diagonally downward from the corners between walls and ceilings, you could have directional LEDs arrange for that type of setup.

Experts like directional LEDs because of the flexibility that they provide to factories, stores, malls and other large spaces. In a large workspace or shopping area, you generally need to have a range of lighting options to highlight different things in different areas. Directional LEDs make it possible to arrange the lighting in a regular and unconventional manner.

Another big benefit of directional LEDs is how the lights can be retrofitted to work in places with pre-existing light fixtures and assemblies. Directional LEDs are also a huge money saver when you compare the efficiency and lifespan of LEDs with all the competing options.

Directional LEDs are also one of the best options if you need to limit the amount of glare that emits from certain fixtures. If you wish to display lights around a showroom where customers congregate in vast numbers, direct light could be an intrusive presence. The more favorable option would be to have light pointed at slight angles that would place the bright whiteness out of direct view among shop patrons. Thanks to the power of the light, you can still get suitable brightness and lumens from directional LEDs, even when the light is pointed at an angle rather than straight at the floor.

6. OMNI Directional LED Retrofit

In offices and shopping areas, OMNI directional LED lights are an energy-saving option in which brightness emits from the circumference of each light. These lights can be placed on wall fixtures and used to illuminated light sideways in conference rooms, hallways, lobbies and other large areas. OMNI directional LEDs can be used in combination with high bay LEDs to provide light from multiple directions.

OMNI directional LEDs are a good option if you want a softer light in certain areas. OMNI LEDs are often covered with wall lamps to create a slightly dimmer light, the kind more suitable for waiting areas and other spaces where people sit and talk. OMNI LEDs can be equipped with bright daylight white or a dimmer, yellowish light for maximum performance over the course of several years with each light. OMNI LEDs can also be retrofitted to certain types of lighting arsenals.

Commercial LED Lighting Solutions from SitelogIQ

For industrial and commercial applications, lighting is the most important feature. Without good lighting, work teams perform slower and less efficiently. While it can be easy to light up a large space, lighting can be a costly investment if you don’t choose the most appropriate option. Fortunately, LED lighting lasts far longer and consumes less energy than competing options. It can be the right pick for many businesses.

While LED lighting can be used literally anywhere for an infinite range of purposes, a certain amount of retrofitting and installation is often required to make LEDs work in buildings that use other forms of lighting. It is therefore important to have your facility installed with the right fixtures to allow crystal-clear viewing, as made possible by LED lights.

Once you have LED lights installed at your facility, you should quickly see a reduction in your energy bills and increased performance in productivity. If you run a storefront or display room, LED lights could help boost customer engagement with display products. SitelogIQ is staffed with engineers who are experts in the installation and retrofitting of LED lights in large facilities. Contact SitelogIQ to learn more about how our team can help you transform your lighting situation.