Palmyra Area School District Palmyra Middle School

Project Background

SitelogIQ was hired to complete an Enhanced District Options Study (EDOS) to review and further elaborate on a district-wide facility upgrades and renovation building program that had been commissioned in a traditional designer-led feasibility study. The study included three schools: Palmyra Area Middle School, Northside Elementary School, and Forge Road Elementary School. Among the study’s options was a program that accomplished the District’s priorities/needs at the Middle School: a 12-classroom addition (20,000 square feet), secure entrance, administrative office renovations, cafeteria expansion, and building-wide upgrades/renovations at approximately $27.1 million. The District maintained a working project budget of $26 million and a revised feasibility study cut the Owner’s desired educational program by 12,000 square feet. The District engaged SitelogIQ to review the cost estimates and develop a hybrid program for cost comparison. We achieved the following results:

  • 19,400-square-foot addition (increased to meet educational program needs)
  • Renovations to existing building footprint (cosmetic, major MEP, security)
  • Renovations to building façade, exterior site improvements, parking lots
  • Gymnasium bleachers and green screen classrooms

As a turn-key package, the SitelogIQ hybrid project was executed at $18,168,845 – costs that include architectural design fees, SitelogIQ MEP design services, SitelogIQ pre-construction and construction management services, and SitelogIQ energy services. The costs associated with the Hybrid Solution – meeting all educational program needs – when compared to the traditional design-bid-build feasibility budgets represents a savings of roughly $8.9 million.