With extended hours and complex needs to facilitate the ideal customer experience, shopping centers, automotive dealerships, restaurants, and big box stores are each faced with unique operational efficiency needs. According to Energy Star, retailers spend nearly $20 billion annually on energy costs alone and are among the largest consumer of energy.

At SitelogIQ, we specialize in providing smart energy efficiency solutions that help you control costs and decrease your operating expenses, which can directly impact your net profits and ability to pay for necessary upgrades or expansion projects.

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“SitelogIQ offers quality service and flexible scheduling at a good value. Our employees are more satisfied with their workspaces and we have optimized resources by eliminating lighting maintenance from building maintenance staff.”

 – Energy Manager, Large Industrial Distributor

We offer the following retail solutions to help you save energy and reduce operational expenditures:

  • Energy: We can help you explore your current energy usage data and consumption trends to make smart decisions regarding your energy strategies. The SitelogIQ team will help you identify energy saving technologies and conservation measures to help you reduce your energy demand and increase your cost savings.
  • Commissioning: Building commissioning is a step often forgotten but one that can keep your retail facility more energy efficient and cost effective to operate. We work to ensure your plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems and controls will be capable of handling your occupancy demands.
  • Facility Support: From project procurement to logistics, our team is experienced at driving all stages of any project from bidding, price negotiations, ordering, and shipping and delivery. We work with you to obtain the materials necessary to complete your project at the best possible, all while meeting your timeline. We offer our customers the latest technologies and project methodologies to accomplish your facility’s operational goals.
  • Lighting Technology & Advanced Controls: Our team can help you to plan for and install energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting, programmable timers, and controls for your lighting systems and displays that account for peak and off-peak hours and occupancy.
  • Project Financing: We understand that financing is a critical component to the implementation of many energy projects. Our team can help you understand what financing options may be available to you and the necessary steps to take to secure the funding.

Let us help you formulate a plan that will help you optimize your operational efficiencies. Contact us to speak with one of our experts.

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