SitelogIQ Uses NASA Data To Guide Project Development | SitelogIQ

SitelogIQ is using a 21st-century data source to lead the way in developing energy projects that turn inefficient schools into 21st-century learning spaces. Using NASA satellite-sourced data as an engineering and financial analysis tool, SitelogIQ’s energy engineering team design projects to improve building energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, leading to healthier, more productive schools.

SitelogIQ harnesses the intelligence of NASA’s Prediction of the Worldwide Energy Resources (POWER) project, which collects data such as sunlight, wind, temperature, humidity, and precipitation, to inform its energy efficiency projects.

Read more about the POWER project and how it puts data into the hands of sustainability specialists such as SitelogIQ.

Also, see how SitelogIQ successfully applied POWER at Palmyra Area School District to design a clean energy project that improved the heating and cooling control systems and building envelopes in its schools.

To learn more about how SitelogIQ can help POWER your school, reach out to our energy team today.