2022 Summer Interns

Welcoming new and returning faces

This summer, our business units across the organization have welcomed students from leading colleges and universities, who brought fresh perspectives, an eagerness to acquire new skills, and gained industry experience. 

Through guidance and mentorship, students worked alongside our Construction, Marketing, Ops, and IT teams (to name a few) putting their education into practice, developing workplace soft skills, and integrating into our diverse and growing SIQ community.

Near the close of their internships, each student lead the senior leadership team through their own presentations, highlighting and sharing the projects they’ve worked on, as well as the experience they’ve gained. 

We recently asked several of our interns to share takeaways of their time here, the experience of a hands-on role, and more. Scroll below to read their submissions.

Xeria Keys, C&I Nashville, Solution Development Intern: “Working at SitelogIQ has really put into perspective how exactly I can use my degree after school. I’m a visual, hands-on learner, so being in class studying technical concepts through hypothetical problems does nothing for my understanding. I like being in an environment where I can actively see the benefits of my learning.”

Liv Meek, C&I Nashvile, Solution Development Intern: “I have gained realistic perspective of timelines for work and construction projects along with plenty of Excel practice that will without a doubt help me moving forward.”

Brandon Peterson, HQ, IT Intern: “I think that my internship has helped me to feel better about my choice of major. I have been enjoying working in IT so far, and knowing that applying the concepts I’ve learned in school in the work environment has been great.”

Joseph Malham, C&I Nashville, Solution Development Intern: “The work environment and the people I get work with have made this internship something I look forward to each day.”

Andrea Santiago, C&I Nashville, Solution Developer Intern: “The people I work with at SitelogIQ inspire me to become a better team member by giving me feedback for improvement and seeing them work together has kept me motivated.”

Trent Oyler, Northeast, Electrical Engineering Intern: “This internship really helped show me how the electrical portion of a design is completed and what each of the steps are along the way. I know that the opportunity that I’ve had interning here at SitelogIQ has truly furthered my understanding of the design process and I am so grateful that I’ve had the chance to work alongside my supervisors and peers.”

Sophia Palma, Midwest, Architecture Design Intern: “My internship experience here at SIQ has helped me better understand how the design process is carried out in professional practice and how to work with a client throughout this process.”

Alyssa, Northeast, Construction Management Intern: “My internship helped me better understand how to read plans and specs. I also looked into a lot of RFIs and learned what Construction Managers do with them and how they are written.”

Ana Capetillo Macias, HQ, Marketing Intern: “Through my internship at SIQ I get the chance to implement skills that I have learned in my past classes to actual projects I do here at SIQ. This helps me understand what I should take more classes on or learn more about in my career.”

Mary McCoy, Northeast, Engineering Intern: “I like the opportunities that SitelogIQ has given me so far and going on to site and doing more hands-on projects then following them through is very interesting to me.”

Bryan Janckila, Midwest, Intern Facility Analyst: “This internship has given me the experience of being able to see facilities and their operations and assets at an up close in person view in the field to compliment my readings and in class studies.”

C&I Nashville Intern Outing at Top Golf