Reynolds to SitelogIQ: An Exciting Transition

For 25 years, Reynolds Enterprises served the construction, renovation, and building needs of their clients. As they embark on the next 25 years, they are proud to announce their integration with SitelogIQ, the largest privately-owned, full-service facility design, engineering, construction, management, energy, and lighting solutions company in the U.S. While their name is changing, their relationships with their trusted partners are not. The same team that has delivered excellent solutions for their clients in the past will continue to deliver the same great results, but instead of seeing the Reynolds name and logo you will see their new name: SitelogIQ. By joining a larger organization, they will benefit from the additional resources afforded to them. New Name. Same Team. Additional Resources.

What does this transition mean for their partners and clients? Read the following series of questions and answers to learn about SitelogIQ’s services, mission, and more.

I don’t know much about SitelogIQ. What are the basic facts?

  • SitelogIQ is a leading independent U.S. energy efficiency and facility solutions company dedicated to supporting the energy savings, operating efficiency, and sustainability goals of our clients
  • SitelogIQ offers a broad range of services that includes design, engineering, construction, management, energy, and lighting solutions
  • SitelogIQ has more than 30 regional offices located across the U.S. with 700+ employees
  • The SitelogIQ East division comprises the former Reynolds companies of Reynolds Energy Services, Reynolds Construction, and Reynolds Consulting Engineers

What is SitelogIQ’s mission statement?

SitelogIQ is dedicated to delivering comprehensive facility solutions that support the resiliency, future-proofing, energy saving, operating efficiency, and sustainability goals of our clients. While doing so, we also create healthy, comfortable indoor environments that promote productivity increased output, and improved experiences.

What changes can I expect to see from Reynolds now that it’s SitelogIQ?

Not many! SitelogIQ will continue to offer energy, construction, engineering, commissioning, and restoration services throughout the mid-Atlantic while having the opportunity to pursue larger projects backed by the strength of the platform’s equity. Working together allows SitelogIQ’s divisions to share best practices and enhance their delivery of innovative solutions to bring clients even more value. While Reynolds’ name is changing, their relationships with their trusted partners are not.

Changes you may have noticed, or will see over the course of the next few months, include new email addresses and business cards, new letterhead and related correspondence, and various materials with SitelogIQ’s name and logo. Join us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on SitelogIQ East news. Visit our website for information about SitelogIQ’s services, team, projects, or to contact us.

Is Reynolds Restoration Services changing its name?

No. Reynolds Restoration Services will continue to operate as Reynolds Restoration Services. Servicing both commercial and residential clients since 2005, Reynolds Restoration Services is the premier disaster restoration and reconstruction company in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland service areas. While we are still one company, the Reynolds Restoration Services name will remain the same to further foster relationships with our commercial and residential clients. Watch for a redesigned Reynolds Restoration Services website in February!

Embrace the Change!

The SitelogIQ East team is excited about this transition from Reynolds to SitelogIQ and encourages you to reach out to their marketing team with questions. We look forward to continuing our relationships with our clients and forming new ones as the year progresses.