The Key to Successful Community Engagement Part II: Deepening Relationships and Building Trust

As discussed in Community Engagement Part I: Successful School Referendum, community engagement is a process seeking to involve local community members and achieve sustainable outcomes and equitable decision-making processes. While Part I examined SitelogIQ’s role in creatively working with K-12 districts and the public to educate and gain support of referendum campaigns, this Part II blog post will look at specific ways SitelogIQ helps districts deepen relationships and build trust with those local communities, educate students, and be good stewards of the earth’s resources.

Groundbreaking Ceremonies

The process of getting to the start of a construction project involves years of debate, decision making, and budgeting. SitelogIQ helps you celebrate that pre-construction work and build excitement for the new building by planning groundbreaking ceremonies. These ceremonies are a great chance to publicly thank the people who have helped get the project to the starting line and those who will guide it through the construction stage, talk about the positive impacts the project will have on the community and build rapport between the community and project participants.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

Once the project is complete, it’s time for a celebratory ribbon cutting event to mark the official opening of a new or renovated building. Like its predecessor, the groundbreaking ceremony, the ribbon cutting ceremony is a time to recognize the people responsible for bringing the project to fruition, learn about the ways the new construction will benefit the community, and foster community goodwill over a slice of cake, giant scissors, and big red bow.

Curriculum Enhancement

School districts are faced with the important task of educating students and providing them with a safe and healthy learning environment. Plagued by constrained budgets and deferred maintenance challenges, school districts must often make tough choices between investments in educational programs and investments to improve their buildings, from new construction to renovations to reducing energy and operating costs. When school districts decide to invest in their buildings, SitelogIQ is committed to strengthening relationships that contribute to our communities through our curriculum enhancement program.

We engage high school students through presentations, discussions, and demonstrations. The students are made aware of the exciting possibilities in design and construction industry careers, which will hopefully lead to students choosing a construction-related path. Our goal is to increase the workforce and provide a variety of opportunities that enable students to pursue STEM education through internships, job shadowing, and ultimately employment.

While SitelogIQ’s educational outreach program can spark student interest in the design, construction, and energy industry, it also provides experiential learning opportunities for educators. Our program is great for students and teachers from all backgrounds and interests and is designed to complement classroom learning and teaching by providing exciting, engaging, hands-on experiences.

“The on-site learning experiences were used to further promote our architectural engineering, computer aided design courses, and applied engineering courses. Industry partners and experiences such as this provide context to what our teachers teach and inspires students to consider new opportunities.”

-Dr. Jeannine French

Superintendent, Peters Township School District


Behavior Modification Program

Behavior modification programs are good for the planet and for districts’ bottom lines. The SitelogIQ behavior modification program provides guidelines and implementation assistance and educational seminars to increase awareness on how energy is used and what everyday steps students, faculty, and administration can take to reduce their consumption. The concept is that many small energy efficiency improvements will add up to a significant reduction in utility bills. Our goal with this program is to provide energy-saving opportunities that increase energy education while at the same time reducing the environmental impact and cost to the District.

SitelogIQ implements recommended energy efficiency measures to permeate an energy-conscious culture in all directions:

  • Top-Down through the implementation of policies as rolled out through senior management and the board
  • Bottom-Up through educational programs headed by student leadership
  • Middle-Out through a collaboration of staff training, incentive programs, and friendly competition between schools.

Learn more about Metro Nashville Public Schools’ MNPS Energy program, launched in January 2020 to provide a diverse and integrated approach to energy conservation.

“SitelogIQ has been a true partner in creating our district’s conserve energy program. They have been open and honest about our options in building our program. They have offered expert advice and guidance while leading our efforts to implement our program. Working with the SitelogIQ team has been a great experience, and we are looking forward to continuing our work together and realizing continued cost avoidance from our energy conservation program.”

-Casey Megow

Asst. Director of Facility Planning & Construction, Metro Nashville Public Schools

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