Working Together to Protect our Planet

by SitelogIQ

We all have a responsibility to the environment and future generations to make smart, sustainable decisions now to protect our planet for decades to come. Earth Day is a great time for our SitelogIQ (SIQ) teams to reflect on the positive environmental impact we help our customers deliver through meaningful outcomes to their facilities, making them more energy efficient and sustainable, and while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Work That Makes an Impact

From lighting improvements, building controls and system (HVAC, controls, etc.) improvements, EV charging solutions, solar energy, water conservation efforts, and more, we’re determined to help our customers create safer, healthier, more sustainable, and energy-efficient spaces. Every day, we partner with K-12 school districts, higher education institutions, healthcare facilities, local and state government agencies, shopping centers, multifamily communities, hotels, warehouses, and more to make their indoor environments better and greener for the people who utilize them. We not only make buildings better but impact the lives of those who use them.

Since 2019, our team has been an energy partner and advisor for Metro Nashville Public Schools in Davidson County, TN. Our robust energy conservation program has resulted in significant energy reductions and cost savings for the district, including work that helped uncover a water leak that caused a drastic spike in their water bill. After correcting the leak, the district began to see instant savings, totaling $40,000 a month.

“We definitely saw results right away. SitelogIQ really helped us understand that we had potential. They have really put us on track to exceed our goals; the best part about that is that money can go back directly into our students.”

– Bruce Rasnick, Metro Nashville Public Schools, Tennessee

Our Commercial & Industrial team also helped a large military-based housing complex bring their climate change goals to fruition by installing new LED lighting and smart thermostats. In total, this work improved energy efficiency in over 2,660 military homes and common areas and helped save an estimated $745,000 annually.

Additionally, the City of Thousand Oaks, CA, partnered with our SIQ West business unit to contribute to the progress of the City’s climate and environmental initiatives. So, we installed a 359.1 kW solar PV parking shade structure consisting of three solar carport structures at their Municipal Service Center. The solar PV system was designed to offset the equivalent of 100% of the building’s energy consumption and save the city over $75,000 annually on its electric utility bill.

We’ve helped K-12 customers like Eden Prairie School District, located in the Twin Cities Metro area, achieve their sustainability goals through facility improvements. These improvements include converting existing fluorescent lighting to LED; retrofitting plumbing fixtures with high-efficiency, low-flow fixtures; and sealing the building envelope. Over the next 10 years, these measures are expected to improve the district’s energy efficiency and save an average of $270,000 annually on their utility and maintenance expenditures.

Through 2022, we’ve saved our customers a total of 1.88 billion kWh of electricity, 6.44 million therms of natural gas, and 1.25 million metric tons of CO2 – or the 1-year equivalent of 271,053 passenger vehicles off the road, 149,891 residential homes’ energy use, and 424, 691 tons of waste recycled. While our energy experts have countless stories about how we’ve helped customers make meaningful changes to their spaces, they all share the same goal – to make buildings and the planet better for our communities.

Beyond the Job Site

Protecting the planet isn’t just a part of what we do, it’s a passion. Our team is not only committed to partnering with customers, but also local organizations, schools, and non-profits to create a better planet and educate others on how they, too, can get involved and make a difference.

Throughout the year, we partner with school districts across the country to provide in-person and remote educational lessons that emphasize STEM-based curriculum and concentrate on energy-related topics, such as energy management and conservation, energy resources and environmental impact, recycling and waste management, renewable energy, water conversation, and more. Our experts have also met with students to discuss career opportunities centered on energy-efficient and sustainable building.

“SitelogIQ has been an extraordinary partner in our Engineering Academy. Every year they work with our students, going through and conducting an energy audit of our district. The culminating activity is they present this audit to our board. The learning that takes place on our student’s behalf, is just extraordinary.”

– Yolanda Valdez, Cutler-Orosi Unified School District, California

Aside from our projects, we remain committed to leaving an impact on the communities where we live, work, and play. For example, our SIQ Commercial & Industrial team has partnered with the One Tree Planted organization to assist with reforestation efforts throughout California. This year, a group of 20 SitelogIQ volunteers helped restore the San Francisquito Canyon in Santa Clarita, CA, damaged by the Cooper Fire. They spent a day caring for native chaparral plants, weed clearing, installing natives, and providing general care to impacted areas. Efforts like this help us uphold our commitment to making communities better and encourage employees to play a hands-on role in doing so.

How to Know You’re Making a Difference

Understanding your energy consumption is an important first step to making positive changes toward building performance, sustainability, and efficiency. By gauging your current energy consumption as well as the current condition of your facility’s assets, you’ll be equipped with data to help you make decisions to improve your space and plan for future success. With a benchmark in hand, you can monitor your energy consumption and cost savings following upgrades to your systems, and easily see the impact you make, and how that helps your students, staff, patients, residents, workforce, customers, etc.

SitelogIQ’s technology-enabled solution, mySiteIQ, helps you better organize your facility assets, prioritize your long-term facility plans, and optimize your building efficiency and performance – all under one digital roof. Contact our team today to learn more about how partnering with us can help you create a better facility and planet, or to request a mySiteIQ demo.