California K-12 Facility Solutions

At SitelogIQ (formerly IES), we partner with our California clients in K-12 private and public schools to enhance the learning environment. We have spent the past several decades partnering with school districts throughout the state and the entire U.S. to bring comfort, functionality, and efficiency to the classroom through our K-12 school construction and related solutions.

We believe that every district is unique. That’s why we take the time to perform a comprehensive assessment of your facilities, your district and community as a whole to gain a thorough understanding of your specific needs to best develop a project plan that fits your educational goals and budget.

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California K-12 Education Solutions

Creating learning environments that are energy efficient, functional, sustainable and safe is what we do. We believe that this is critical to help you reach your long-term educational and operational goals. Our California K-12 education solutions include:

  • Architecture, Engineering & Design: Whether you’re looking to complete an addition/renovation or build a new facility, we’ll assist you with a thorough assessment of your district and the design and implementation of a cost-effective plan for enhancing the learning environment in your District.
  • Consulting & Planning: We work with K-12 administrations to develop and implement project plans for high performance facilities that maximize space, utilize technology, and provide adequate training for your facility management. We understand your District’s desire to have a safe, healthy, comfortable and productive environment for your students and staff that saves energy and operates in a cost-effective manner.
  • Construction: We spend the necessary time upfront to understand your District, your overall goals to develop a custom solution and unique approach to help you meet them. We provide various K-12 building construction delivery models and financing options. Each of our preconstruction and construction services makes your project and its outcome our top priority.
  • Commissioning: From pre-construction and construction phase building commissioning and third-party peer review to recommissioning, retro-commissioning and sustainable consulting and certifications programs, we’re equipped to help your District’s facilities operate at peak performance.
  • Energy:  The primary driver behind our services is our focus on facility performance and efficiency, allowing precious capital resources to be directed towards your core mission and activities, rather than high utility bills, and facility maintenance and repair costs. Our team of experts can walk alongside you to help you ensure that your facilities meet modern educational objectives as a result of our energy efficiency initiatives to include energy management, energy procurement, and renewables, among others.
  • Engineered Infection Protection (EIP): Our solutions add needed layers of protection within your facility and address pathogen mitigation for airborne and surface contamination, and includes thermal screening to reduce the risk of virus exposure within your learning environment.
  • Facility Support: From project procurement to logistics, our professionals are experts at driving all stages of your project from bidding, price negotiations, ordering, and shipping and delivery. We partner with you to obtain the materials necessary to complete your project at the best possible costs and within your timeline. We offer our customers the latest technologies and project methodologies to accomplish your facility’s operational goals.
  • Grant Funding: Our funding experts assist our Districts in applying for applicable grant monies to help them procure necessary facility upgrades and building projects without having to rely on precious capital resources. Examples have included Proposition 39 and now AB-841 (link to subpage).
  • Lighting Technology & Advanced Controls: Our team of lighting engineers, architects, building automation experts and certified energy managers specialize in whole-building turnkey solutions, including emergency, outdoor and new construction lighting and LED lighting retrofits to fit your District’s unique goals and needs.
  • Master Facility Planning: Creation of a master facility study and optimization plan is essential in guiding the long-term strategic development and implementation of upgrading, enhancing and maintaining your facility. It is a dynamic, long-range planning document that provides a guide for your future growth and development.
  • Mechanical:  We take on single-source responsibility and accountability for the design and installation of your project through completion. We create custom design, project plans, cost analysis and scheduling services to bring even the most complex and demanding projects to quality conclusion on time and within budget. Solutions include, among others, Solar Design & Installation, Direct Digital Controls (DDC); Sheet Metal Design & Fabrication, HVAC System Optimization, and Hydronic Plumbing.
  • Service: Our service team is highly-skilled at providing planning maintenance programs, system upgrades, emergency service, and repair work for and mechanical and related building systems. Service and maintenance programs aim to extend equipment life; reduce energy costs, expensive repairs and reduce downtime; increase productivity and profits; and ensure 24/7 emergency service.
  • Project Financing: Our specialists can help you navigate and secure available financing options depending on the location of your project and the current availability of financing dollars.

We’d love to sit down with you to discuss our approach to the construction of your California K-12 school. Contact us to speak with one of our school experts.

“On behalf of the Palm Springs Unified School District, I wanted to share kudos for SitelogIQ and their energy manager, Michele Laskero.  Michele has provided in-district support as well as outstanding remote support during out school closures to ensure we are using minimal energy use.  With her help, we have been able to successfully save thousands of dollars in utility bills, resolve issues with solar panels production and thoughtfully communicated with our school administrators to increase their knowledge of energy conservation over the last 2 years. SitelogIQ is a shining star in the energy conservation industry and no matter what the task, I have found Michele to be a collaborative partner to help deliver energy savings for the district.”

Julie Arthur

Executive Director of Facilities Planning & Development

Palm Springs Unified School District