Current Openings

PositionLocationDate PostedDescription
Commissioning TechnicianMinnesota05.05.2021Our Commissioning Technician supports, organizes, plans and completes daily commissioning activities on multiple projects. Learn More >
Construction Project SuperintendentBristol, PA
Milton, PA
Southern MN
05.05.2021Our Construction Project Superintendent leads, directs and coordinates the work of the contractors and project participants and is responsible for ensuring schedule compliance, safety, quality management and adherence to budget for the project. Responsible for oversight of daily project operations and construction phase activities, including all field activities to ensure the project is successfully completed. Learn More >
Energy EngineerHarrisburg, PA05.05.2021Our Energy Engineer primarily supports the development of energy efficiency projects and provides a wide variety of tasks including performing energy analysis, evaluating existing building conditions, developing energy efficiency measures, and calculating energy savings. The Energy Engineer contributes to final customer deliverables and contract documents to ensure a successful project.Learn More >
Energy Solution Sales ExecutiveLos Angeles, CA05.05.2021Our Sales Executive will drive the ESCO sales process from start to finish in the SoCal territory in the public sector: School Superintendents, Chief Business Officers, City Managers and upper level management throughout the SoCal education and/or municipal sectors. Learn More >
Facility AnalystOntario, CA
Nashville, TN
Minneapolis, MN
05.05.2021Our Facility Analyst will serve as the technical resource to our development engineers, architects and operations teams. Through facility assessments, the role will determine the existing condition, performance and deficiencies of building systems and assets to identify opportunities for improving efficiency and operational performance. Learn More >
Field SupervisorOntario, CA05.05.2021Our Field Supervisor will monitor and and ensure safe and healthy field operations. Oversee our in-house employee and subcontractor job site activities, support project scope and solutions with Project Development and support schedule and project performance with Project Management. Learn More >
INTERNSHIP: Product Management (MBA Students)Los Angeles, CA05.05.2021Our Internship in Product Management is for an MBA (or similar program) student for a 10-
week summer internship in the field of offering development. We are a services company, but this is
similar to a product management role and you will be responsible for developing SitelogIQ services
concepts into successful commercial offerings. Your summer project is described in more detail within the job description. Learn More >
Lead Lighting Technician Nashville, TN
Minneapolis, MN
Atlanta, GA
Richmond, VA
05.05.2021Our Lead Lighting Tech critical to the day-to-day management of our crews and projects, including but not limited to electrical functions, install and troubleshoot components; keeping the jobsite organized and running smoothly. Learn More >
Lighting Installer Ontario, CA
Houston, TX
Nashville, TN
Richmond, VA
05.05.2021Our Lighting Installer is critical to the day-to-day execution of our projects, including but not limited to understanding basic electrical functions, install and troubleshoot components; keeping the jobsite organized and running smoothly. Learn More >
Procurement Administrator Ontario, CA
Nashville, TN
05.05.2021Our Procurement Administrator will be responsible for material procurement, tracking, returns, and warranty support. Learn More >
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