Facility Analyst

Facility Analyst

Job Summary
Job Type:Full-time, non-exempt
Division:Commercial & Industrial
Location:Ontario, CA
Nashville, TN
Minneapolis, MN
Experience:Energy management and controls, energy audits and surveys and facilities management
Education:Technical College degree; CEM and CEA preferred

Our Facility Analyst will serve as the technical resource to our development engineers, architects and operations teams. Through facility assessments, the role will determine the existing condition, performance and deficiencies of building systems and assets to identify opportunities for improving efficiency and operational performance.

Position Qualifications:

  • Technical College degree or equivalent experience
  • Knowledge of HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems
  • CEM and CEA preferred
  • Experience in energy management and controls, energy audits and surveys and facilities management.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Conducts surveys of customer facilities and assesses the current condition, operational performance and deficiencies of the building systems and infrastructure. This includes; HVAC Systems, Controls Systems, Plumbing Systems, Electrical Systems, Life Safety and Security Systems, Interior Finishes, Building Envelope Systems, Grounds and Site, Etc.
  • Performs on-site information gathering, testing and technical measurements such as indoor air quality testing, light level and acoustic measurements, as well as data logging of mechanical equipment and indoor environments.
  • Determines how building systems are being controlled and currently functioning.
  • Develops various marked-up floor plans that illustrate existing conditions, such as CO2, light levels and acoustic measurements.
  • Develops PowerPoint slides for the development team illustrating facility issues and opportunities for improvements.
  • Assists development engineers and architects in identifying and developing facility improvement measures.
  • Works with the development engineers and architects in defining technical scopes of work.
  • Meets regularly with the project development team to review development progress and schedules to insure delivery of customer reports.
  • Provide technical support to the operations team between creating scopes for controls project and potentially assisting with the implementation and commissioning of controls projects.


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