Kevin Madden

Kevin Madden

President of Sales

Kevin Madden is the President of Sales for SitelogIQ. He has been a global innovator in the energy services market for more than three decades and is recognized as a passionate sales leader that focuses on the people side to drive positive change.

Prior to joining SitelogIQ, he worked for Honeywell in various senior leadership roles, including the Vice President/General Manager, Managing Director of the Energy Services Group, which was responsible for delivering 5,000 energy savings performance contracts and $4.8 billion in savings to their public sector clients.

He has been a recipient of several prestigious sales and leadership awards and has served as a visionary for creating customer-centric business transformations. Kevin is a highly sought-after inspirational speaker around topics that include sales, leadership, and creating a positive culture. His philosophy is also noted in a variety of magazines and sales-related books.

Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia, is a graduate of the Advanced Managers Program and Advanced Directors Program from Harvard University, and has served on several boards.