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From big nights out at high-energy restaurants to sunny days in the hotel pool, hospitality properties offer unforgettable experiences. But delivering big fun often requires consuming big energy, which can add up to forgettable expenses for lighting, HVAC, and water.

At SitelogIQ, our focus is on providing energy-saving solutions for your hospitality property, so you can focus on your most valuable asset: your guests. We partner with hotels, resorts, restaurants, convention centers, and other hospitality businesses to control the costs of building maintenance and operation, starting with construction and continuing throughout the building’s life cycle.

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We offer the following services to help you save energy and reduce maintenance/operations costs:

  • Construction: Whether you’re building a new structure or adding to an existing space, there are many challenges in hospitality construction that only an experienced contractor can successfully navigate. With an extensive in-house staff of accredited professionals and over $5 billion worth of construction experience, we know what it takes to get a project completed from the planning stages through construction and occupancy. Our goal is the same, whether we perform as owner’s representative, agency construction manager, or construction manager at-risk: deliver a quality project on time and within budget.
  • Energy: We offer the latest in green building and energy solutions, from employing renewable energy strategies to retrofitting your existing system. Our team identifies energy-saving technologies and upgrades aging equipment to improve occupant comfort and reduce facility maintenance expenses.
  • Funding: Cities and states often offer funding for economic and recreational improvement projects, such as new and renovated hotels and resorts. Our construction team is well-versed in the requirements of various funding sources and in the ways those requirements affect the bidding and construction process.
  • HVAC/Mechanical: It’s critical to control temperature and maintain proper indoor air quality for the comfort of your guests. Our team of engineers, certified energy managers, and commissioning agents specialize in the design and maintenance of whole-building mechanical systems to optimize occupant comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Lighting: Lighting retrofits dramatically improve lighting quality, yield energy savings of up to 75 percent, and provide a zero-maintenance solution. Our lighting team uses advanced lighting conservation technology to reduce energy demand, producing a rapid return on investment. From assessing your facility fixture-by-fixture during a lighting system audit, to protecting your lighting investment by maintaining warranties, we partner with you to save energy and money.

It takes a team to run a successful hospitality property. Browse through our project experience to learn more about the ways SitelogIQ can bring value and experience to your team.

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